The Guide To Moving To A New Place Of Business

Businesses move for plenty of reasons. There is almost no end to the reasons that will see a business switch one premises or place of work for another. It could be that a lease has expired and a business fancies a change. It might be that they have found a better location with more customer footfall that will help with business exposure. It could be that the current place of work doesn’t have enough room for demand to be met. It might just be that the team needs more space.

What a business shouldn’t do is move for no reason. Some businesses jump ship for no reason and find themselves moving around a lot – to no benefit. A move must benefit one aspect of your business at the very least – which is why businesses move to find more space, pay lower costs out each month and try to bring more customers in through the doors. Moving can be necessary and many businesses do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bakery or a customer contact hub  – you could see yourself moving and your business functioning elsewhere, so how do you do just that?

The key to moving business is planning. You cannot over plan here, and if you can get every aspect of your move planned down as well as contingency plans for anything that could go wrong, there shouldn’t be much stopping you from achieving a successful move. Planning is a good idea, and if your company has a lot of moving parts, or staff, it can get everyone on the same page during the move and ensure everyone knows what part they have to play, if one at all. Plan well in advance and criticise the plan at every opportunity to ensure that there are no gaps in its armour.

Moving can be a great way to fix any problems. If furniture was uncomfortable in the old office – that can be fixed with not just cheap office chairs, but comfortable ones too! Consult your staff before a move and see what they’d like from their new place of work. If you can ensure that the new place of work works better for your team than the old place of work, you’ll be on to a winning move. That includes other things as well – office layout is a big one and if you haven’t considered it due to a unwillingness to disrupt your team, then now is the time to get into action and make some changes. A good layout can ensure effective team collaboration. Moving is an opportunity to correct mistakes and right the wrongs of the old place of business – so make sure you do just that, but more importantly, don’t make the same mistakes in new surroundings!

As we said, all businesses consider a move at some point for a multitude of reasons. If you are moving, do it right! There are so many ways that it can go wrong. Get a good team who can ensure that you don’t lose business in the confusion following a move as well.

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