The God Particle And You (Part IV)

This four-part series of articles will describe the elusive “God Particle,” what it is, what it means for science, how it relates to ancient spiritual knowledge, and what it all means for you.

In the previous segments of this article, we discussed the discovery of the God Particle and explained its role in converting energy into matter, the same matter that comprises our bodies and the entire physical universe. We showed how ancient mystics actually described the action of the God Particle and energy/matter conversion over two thousand years before science’s recent “discovery.” We further revealed how energy contains intelligent information directed by an underlying Consciousness, another way of saying that everything we know is ultimately a construct of mind.

Now some of you will think this is baloney. Others may believe it as an intellectual proposition, but that is only an abstraction. Today let’s try to personalize things.

I cannot have you experience the phenomena that led me into this line of endeavor—the remote viewing, the telekinesis, the life-saving premonitions, the intuitive medical readings. What I can do is try to highlight issues for your left and right brain hemispheres to absorb through science and mystic wisdom. Hopefully, this dual approach will lessen your skepticism and stimulate your belief system by giving you a knowledge base to further your own inquiry. The only way to truly own this stuff is to redirect your minds and come to experience quantum or psychic realities firsthand. But, you gotta start somewhere and these articles just may help.

Recall from Part I that Max Planck, the father of modern quantum physics said that “Behind the existence of all matter is a conscious and intelligent mind—this mind is the matrix of all matter.” Why is such a reputable scientist saying things that sound like they could come from Swami Rama-lama-ding-dong? Because when scientists approach the outer limits of the quantum universe, the Swami and his mystic buddies are already there asking, “what took you so long?”

Fact is the mystics have known for millennia that Consciousness created our known reality as a holographic dream where the One Mind pushed Itself out into a bunch of mini-minds that includes our soul-minds projected into bodies of flesh. Spiritually inclined people will get much of what I’m about to say, so let me run the logical steps through for you left-brainers out there and get to some of the science that hints at this.

Physicist Walter Thirring said that modern physics “. . . has taken our gaze from the visible – the particles – to the [invisible] underlying entity, the field.” This is the field of intelligent energy waves we spoke of in previous segments from which science has shown matter derives. So how does this field operate?

Scientists studying black holes made a remarkable discovery. The information that governs the reality of a physical system, say our earth, does not reside in that system but on the outside. Say our sphere of the earth is like a bucket. You have the interior of the bucket, the volume, and the bucket’s exterior, the bucket’s “skin.” You’d think the information field making up our reality—the everyday objects and events we experience—would originate inside the earth bucket. Not so. It resides on the skin, the surface of the bucket and it is projected inside. This validated a growing scientific theory that the universe is a giant holographic projection by an underlying Intelligence.

Astronomer James Jeans said “. . . the universe begins to look more like a great thought . . . . ” Another astronomer, Arthur Eddington said that “The stuff of the universe is mind-stuff.” Are we then truly cosmic holographic projections like virtual characters in a Star Trek-like holodeck program? The answer may surprise you, so let’s funnel all this information down and see where we as individual beings fit into the picture.

A number of experiments have demonstrated that the quantum world of particles reacts to our presence and responds to our consciousness. Perhaps the most famous of these is called the double slit experiment. Without going into its mechanics, this experiment showed that particles in an unobserved state revealed themselves as actual energy waves, the energy field we spoke of. This baffled scientists who expected to see particle activity. Ah, but when the scientists directly observed the experimental process under the exact same conditions, what they saw were the particles they expected. It was as if the subatomic forces conformed to the conscious expectations of the scientists! Human observation affected the particle/wave function. For this same reason, scientists cannot know both the position and momentum of a particle because the presence of a conscious observer interacts and alters the data.

In a previous segment, we related an experiment where human DNA actually organized photons, particles of light, into an organized pattern mimicking the helix shape of DNA. Intelligent consciousness permeates down to our very cells. Other experiments showed how specific emotions can rearrange DNA patterns. Finally, DNA extracted samples were shown to immediately respond to the specific thoughts and emotions of the DNA donors regardless of proximity or distance. Particles independent of the human body were also shown to have mirror reactions at the subatomic equivalent of being light-year distances apart.

What does this mean for us? Quite a bit actually. It answers the question above whether we are merely elaborate holographic characters in a giant cosmic program. The answer is we are. But, and this is a huge but, we are also the programmers projecting ourselves. Remember we have stressed that EVERYTHING is part of a unity. We are all subsets of the One Consciousness and so the power that created the universe lies within us. Yes, thoughts become things. The thought forms we imagine in our minds and invest energy into have every possibility of manifesting, because we share the power of the Consciousness that created us. We’ve been talking about the scientific basis of co-creation spoken of in New Age circles.

But why are we so pitiful if we have such power? Our materially conditioned consciousness does not recognize that unseen dimensions exist. Nor do we believe in or cultivate our Intuitive Minds for valuable truth and knowledge. Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Remember the cliché “know thyself?” Well, there it is. If our true selves reside in fields of energy that we can direct, we can go about creating consciously or unconsciously. The problem with unconscious creation is that it’s out of our control, often negative, and it comes back to bite us in what appears as bad luck or external fate. The two thousand-year-old gospel of Thomas states that “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” So, if you can gain control of your consciousness, it is a tremendous ally that can propel health, wealth, and happiness. Now then, be careful what you think.

I hope this series of articles gave you some helpful insights into the workings of the universe. For those wanting to go more in depth on this and related subjects, see my eBook series On the Origin of the World. Meanwhile, try to look at things apart from what your five senses tell you, to begin with. Our friend Einstein—God I love that guy—told us that “Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”


Peter Canova
Peter Canova
PETER is a multi-award winning author, speaker, and inspirational visionary. His book, Pope Annalisa has won ten national and international book awards. The theme underlying Peter's body of work is that all people have the ability to transcend their ordinary consciousness and experience information from a higher source within themselves. He conducted thirty-five years of research into ancient spiritual texts, quantum physics, and psychology to understand the startling psychic experiences that altered his life. He learned that modern science is only rediscovering the astonishing teachings of ancient spiritual traditions concerning the creation and the true nature of physical reality. Peter's dynamic presentations have captivated many different interest groups on a variety of topics including artistic creativity, the holographic nature of our universe, the Mystery Schools, the lost teachings of Judeo- Christianity, Mary Magdalene and the early women of the Church, the Sacred Feminine, spiritual vs. Darwinian evolution, the Third Way between science and religion, the intelligent nature of light, and the wisdom in creation myths. He has been the subject of numerous radio and TV interviews and has spoken at a variety of high profile events including the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment where he was the kick-off presenter for a roster of speakers including Eckhart Tolle, Jim Carrey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Edward James Olmos, and Fred Alan Wolf. He has been a featured speaker at the Conscious Living Expo, the New Living Expo, the Unity Church National Convention, and the Centers for Spiritual Living National Convention. See Peter's Books HERE.

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  1. Brilliant! I have had similar thoughts and experiences, but I have never been able to describe them so simply and eloquently. I’m going to make use of your work (with attribution, of course) in some subsequent articles. Thank you.

  2. This reminds me of thoughts on the Big Bang. Did we really have it? Or do we only perceive that it happened?

    If you look at equations, we have time and space being related to gravity. If there was no gravity, would we perceive the entire universe as being smaller than a single atom? If this is reality, everything exists, all at the same time, all at the same place.

    If true, then a lot of things we consider magical and ridiculous tend to make a lot more sense.

    • Interesting speculation. Gravity is the one force I believed to be the exclusive property of the material dimension. The other three forces seem to be multi-dimensional.