The God Particle And You (Part 2)

This four-part series of articles will describe the elusive “God Particle,” what it is, what it means for science, how it relates to ancient spiritual knowledge, and what it all means for you

In Part I, we related how quantum physics has proved that all solid matter derives from unseen energy. We also related how an underlying Consciousness directs this energy into the multiplicity of forms that makes up the material world. Now we’ll get a bit more granular and explain the action of the God Particle in converting energy to matter as we led up to the role of your personal consciousness in creating reality.

Dozens of countries spent 10 billion dollars to build a 17 mile long super particle collider more than 300 feet underground on the border of Switzerland and France. The collider shoots protons at near speeds of light around this 17-mile loop. The particles collide randomly at high energies.

The purpose of this quantum bumper car ride is to find new particles in the breakdown of the destroyed protons. But the particle for which they’ve really been seeking is the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson is believed to be the gateway particle where energy becomes matter. On July 4th, 2012, they finally found the Higgs.

I always loved those Hollywood westerns like the Wild Bunch where a group of American adventurers fling the dice, cross the border into Mexico, and enter a different world of intrigue. This is where the Higgs boson leads us, for it appears to dwell on the borderline between the intriguing energetic world and the “solid” world of mundane matter.


The real play in this story is not so much the Higgs boson, rather it is the Higgs field, but we’ll talk about both. Quantum physics has demonstrated that at the most fundamental levels of reality, no particles exist. I repeat the particles that compose our “solid” world of physical objects do not exist at the deepest subatomic levels. What does exist are energy waves or energy fields, and these energies produce forces.

Underlying every force in nature is an energy field such as electromagnetism or the strong nuclear force. The Higgs Field was a theorized to permeate our universe and play a special role. Every force field produces a force carrying particle or messenger unique to it. Higgs bosons are the energy particles that make up the Higgs Field. That’s the common explanation of the Higgs boson but I’m going to throw a wrinkle at you because I like to be precise and because this wrinkle illuminates the fantastically fascinating weirdness of the quantum world.


The use of the term particle is a bit of a misnomer. I’m not going to befuddle you with all the weird names of numerous subatomic particles. Let’s simplify it. Two broad categories exist in the quantum world—fermions and bosons. Fermions are held to be particles displaying mass, which is a necessary ingredient of matter. Bosons are like packets of massless energy or force carrying units making up energy fields like the electromagnetic field.

See the contradiction? The Higgs boson is being called a particle, but a boson is an energy force. The reason for this is that the “particle,” at the finest levels of the quantum world, is really a term of convenience to describe processes that are neither wholly matter nor wholly energy but display characteristics of both. Bosons, like the Higgs, are fundamentally energy, but they can travel in a straight line, blipping in and out of existence with particle-like behavior. This is called particle-wave duality, virtual particles, or massless particles. All these terms indicate the hybrid matter/energy nature of subatomic processes, which we’ll discuss in Part III.

I like to think of the Higgs boson as a form of energy that acts as a virtual particle, a packet of energy that displays a fleeting existence as a particle to perform a task and then falls back into pure energy. But as I said earlier, the Higgs boson is the signature for the real play here, the Higgs field.


The best way to understand the action of the Higgs field is to picture the universe as a self-contained bubble. Within the bubble is the invisible Higgs Field. Think of it as an invisible ocean that permeates the universe. This ocean swarms with virtual particles called Higgs bosons, the God Particles. Energies of varying vibrations flow into our universal bubble from some dimensions we cannot identify by scientific means. When these energies contact the Higgs Field, the God Particles swarm to them like iron filings attracted to a magnet.

E=MC2 tells us that energy slowed to a lower rate of vibration begins to accumulate mass. Sure enough, the Higgs bosons arrest the velocity of these energy streams. The more the energy is slowed, the greater the mass. Some slowed down energies become electrons that have smaller mass. Other energies, slowed to a greater extent, will become heavier top quarks with greater mass.

Get the picture? In the quantum world, arrested movement of energy or energetic vibration creates mass. Energy is slowed down to the point where it can be detected in a different form, i.e. matter. In the Higgs field, the movement or vibration of different energy streams is slowed. This lowered energy coagulates or crystallizes into particles that form the building blocks of matter. So, the Higgs field appears to be the transitional medium wherein energy begins its initial descent of solidifying to form matter as described by Einstein’s formula E=Mc2.

From this point, other energies work to repel and attract the particles created in the Higgs field. At each step along the way, the particles combine to form ever more stabilized structures creating atoms, molecules, and elements. Thus, the material world can be seen as the descent of energy into solidified form.


It will surprise you to know, and I believe I was the first to discern, that the God Particle was actually discovered not in 2012, but over two thousand years ago! That physics and spirituality belong together as opposite sides of the same coin is amply demonstrated by the last sentence in the preceding paragraph– the material world can be seen as the descent of energy into solidified form.

This is the overriding premise of both classical mysticism and quantum physics. The parallels between quantum physics and ancient spiritual mysticism are just too elegant to go without mention. In particular, the Gnostic gospels found in Egypt in 1945 represent a spectacular precursor to modern quantum physical theories seeking to define the creation and the true nature of reality.

In Part III, we’ll discuss the fascinating fall of the Wisdom Goddess Sophia and the stunning parallels that prove how the ancients discerned the process of matter creation from energy millennia before quantum physics!


Peter Canova
Peter Canova
PETER is a multi-award winning author, speaker, and inspirational visionary. His book, Pope Annalisa has won ten national and international book awards. The theme underlying Peter's body of work is that all people have the ability to transcend their ordinary consciousness and experience information from a higher source within themselves. He conducted thirty-five years of research into ancient spiritual texts, quantum physics, and psychology to understand the startling psychic experiences that altered his life. He learned that modern science is only rediscovering the astonishing teachings of ancient spiritual traditions concerning the creation and the true nature of physical reality. Peter's dynamic presentations have captivated many different interest groups on a variety of topics including artistic creativity, the holographic nature of our universe, the Mystery Schools, the lost teachings of Judeo- Christianity, Mary Magdalene and the early women of the Church, the Sacred Feminine, spiritual vs. Darwinian evolution, the Third Way between science and religion, the intelligent nature of light, and the wisdom in creation myths. He has been the subject of numerous radio and TV interviews and has spoken at a variety of high profile events including the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment where he was the kick-off presenter for a roster of speakers including Eckhart Tolle, Jim Carrey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Edward James Olmos, and Fred Alan Wolf. He has been a featured speaker at the Conscious Living Expo, the New Living Expo, the Unity Church National Convention, and the Centers for Spiritual Living National Convention. See Peter's Books HERE.

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