The Glass Is Half Full


The way I see it, I’m halfway to wherever I’m supposed to be going. I have

no idea where that is – hopefully, heaven – but I imagine God will probably kick my ass for a while once I finally arrive. I’ve never been overtly religious, but I do believe there is something much better than this awful sludge we’re cooking down here on Earth. Let’s just say I’m not much for brimstone and fire. I don’t believe there is a boiling cauldron of judgment waiting for ye old sinners, but I’m not here to kick off a holy war, so let me get on with my point…

I guess you could say I’ve grown to become a glass-is-half-empty kind of guy. I get it. For me, when it rains it pours. I look in the mirror each day and see a few more lines and creases, a few knots of tension in my neck.

I still cling to certain youthful behaviors and activities, but I’m pretty much standing with one foot on the landmass drifting North.

Yup. Things are changing, both inside and out. I look around and see a world on fire, a cultural identity crisis teetering on the brink of destruction. It’s very disturbing, yet it’s also become a very tired political epic. Red and Blue alike… conservative and liberal… Both sides believe they own the truth. Both sides have radically different visions for the word freedom. Sadly, both are hell-bent on destroying one another instead of working together.

The stench of discord permeates from Washington. It spills into the streets and trenches of America, a corrosive acid that eats away at our values and sense of decency. It is irrelevant who the President is – the media will insist upon fueling the division and hatred. They will stop at nothing to exploit our misery and anxieties, to create a civil war based on sensational nonsense. The animosity just festers and bubbles and boils like a hot blister ready to pop.

I find myself yawning at the violence, at the endless political movements that always end in bloodshed. I yawn about the double standards, about the wealthy elitists on both sides sparring over the word hypocrisy – do they even know how that word sounds in the ears of those who have no jobs? I could go on and on, but it’s pointless. They’re all the same – just a legion of useless fools and crony talking heads.

Yup. Nothing changes. Ever. In fact, I’ve grown quite indifferent to this low form of theatre – something I vowed never to become. I guess I find the level of ignorance and hostility to be overwhelming, a tangible element of hysteria radiating deep in the marrow, a slow death by noise, bias, and corruption. It’s a sickening feeling. Anyone can taste this poison, a gentle snowflake on the tongue, only its flavor is bile and venom. Big sigh

So, about that glass-is-half-empty statement. Well, I’m not always a bastard. I do try to write positive articles from time to time, but in recent months I’ve penned my fair share of negativity. I’m sure many of you have encountered a few of those bad ego trips, and perhaps you’ve rightfully clicked away in disgust. It’s okay. I completely understand, and I don’t blame anyone for moving on. I was never trying to paint a pretty picture.

Truth be told, I would never feel comfortable with anyone “liking” something they didn’t agree with. I wouldn’t want someone to agree with my statements simply out of friendship or respect. I don’t need that. You don’t need that. Life is already difficult enough. None of us need be fake or pretentious on top of everything else that is burning. Besides, it was my own time that I was wasting, so no damage done.

However, having a negative outlook doesn’t make me a bad person. There are always reasons for that dark energy and ultimately it needs to go somewhere productive. I’d rather be creative and express those frustrations with articulate words – not by throwing rocks, smashing skulls or destroying private property. That’s not my style. I’m far more civil than that.

If protesters can “peacefully” take to the streets with their outrage, then I am free to spill my blood in words and logic, to express my opinions in the same twisted agony as those who force violence.

That’s called Freedom of Speech, and that is a gift from God far beyond the mandates of any government. They’d have to cut out my tongue before I surrender my pen.

Yes. Society is a mess. Pointing out the negativity and chaos will never earn me traction or viewership. I will never win a popularity contest by telling the truth, but I understand and accept this dynamic. I can live with people not appreciating my perspective, but sticking my head in the sand like a damn ostrich will never solve anything. We can crow about positivity and enlightenment until the cows come home, but once and a while it is necessary to get pissed off. For that reason alone, my glass will always be half full.

How about yours?


Aaron Towle
Aaron Towle
Aaron Towle is a Multimedia Artist living in Green Cove Springs, FL. He proudly served in the military as a journalist and now works as a developer in the Defense Contracting Industry. He is passionate about art, literature, and photography and looks to continue building his credentials as a professional writer. He currently produces an online publication called Reprehensible Digest, which explores the subtle dynamics between art and literature.


  1. Thank you, Aaron, for drawing my attention to the current situation with a different perspective! With due regards, and on a much similar note, I would say the half-full glass is still better than full empty. At least there is room to fill it with more of what you appreciate in life, and if nothing, to dislodge what you feel strongly against. If it was all empty, perhaps redemption would be the only prerogative left. Deadman walking, I don’t think so; 3 Cheers!

    Warm Regards, With A Prayer For All

    • My pleasure Bharat. It has been some time since submitting an article, but you are 100% correct – the glass half full is always much better. I’m a proponent of positive thinking, although my writing may not always reflect this. Sometimes there are nasty things to scrape away before we can cherish the diamond. One day our society will learn to set aside our petty grievances to work together. Hopefully this will be sooner than later. I appreciate your kind words and hope things are good in your world. Please stay safe and stay blessed during these difficult times my friend. Cheers!