The Gift Of S-I-L-E-N-C-E

In the hustle and bustle of this fast-paced world, it’s important to spend time in silent contemplation and discernment. Many people have no idea how to do this. Some fear the quiet, some are just too busy, and for whatever the reason, they won’t slow down or stop talking long enough to practice the art of silence. It’s in the silence that I can hear the voice of God and where I am most inspired and creative.

Here are some thoughts on SILENCE and utilizing quiet time for personal growth and connection to God.

S … Significance and Service
Being in silence brings me to a place where I can feel significant in the eyes of God. It’s time when it feels like someone is paying attention to me… even if it’s only myself. Writing in my journal daily is a meditative, silent activity which is usually preceded by a few moments of silence and simple breathing to help me focus and get centered. It helps to drown out the chatter of my mind that races at 100 mph with “ideas”, “to-dos” and questions so numerous it’s almost unfathomable. In the time of silence where we find significance, we can find gratitude and be of more service to ourselves and to others.
I … Introspection and Intuition
Introspection is looking within, and Intuition is the still small voice that guides us through life. Taking time each day to purposefully look inside instead of wandering around the outside world wondering what comes next, can bring us to a place of knowing that’s not found anywhere else. In the silence, you can listen to your intuitive self, highest self, spirit, God. I instinctively know that good, only good, will come from what I take away in the moments of quiet introspection and silence.
L … Listen and Learn
In silence, I hear the voice of God, the one who desires me to live from my highest; my highest level of integrity, my authenticity and to use the gifts and blessings given for this life. It’s impossible to listen and talk at the same time, so in the moments of quiet contemplation, I learn more about myself than in hours of conversation. We are intuitive beings, and if we would just slow down enough to spend time in silence, we’ll discover much to listen to and even more to learn.
E … Envelop and Embrace
When was the last time you consciously allowed silence to envelop you, through focused breath, feeling alive, fully present, relaxed and enveloped in peace and quiet? This is a gift we can give ourselves. The Bible student in me goes to “Be still and know that I am God”. I personally find great strength and great comfort in those words which represent great strength of someone/ something much greater than me, and it is my choice to embrace that.
N … Nothing to do but Notice
Just notice what comes up during your quiet time, notice what comes in, what leaves, what you feel, how you judge. Just notice. There is nothing to do except to be… simply be… noticing. No action is required. The decision to take action on something you may have noticed in the silence comes later. In silence, practice staying present. Notice who you are, how you are being and keep it as simple as possible. Just be.
C … Clarity and Creativity
We gain clarity at the moment we come to a place of intuitively knowing. Save the action plan that may be developing for later and be still. Silence not only brings clarity, it also carries creativity. More often than not, when I leave the silent space, I am my most creative. I may have been given a new idea, or an unlikely solution to a challenge. Creativity flows in the quiet.
E …  Explore and Enjoy
If you haven’t yet experienced the quiet, or are not one who regularly meditates, I encourage and invite you to explore this “sacred” space. Explore the feeling of enjoyment and refreshment that flows through you. You don’t need to be sitting in a lotus position with your eyes closed saying, “Ooommmmm.” Walk on the beach or sit on a hill overlooking a valley or a canyon, sit in your most comfy chair with your journal, or do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Take this journey of exploration and enjoy!

I invite and greatly encourage you to give yourself the gift of silence.


Teresa Velardi
Teresa Velardi
Teresa Velardi is an Author, Editor, Speaker, Potter, and Transformational Life Coach. She helps to bring out the greatness within you as you discover that you already have the ability to shift every aspect of your life into high gear! Uncover the Dynamic person within and wake up to your most powerful, prosperous, and passionate life. Teresa is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

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  1. Interesting use of the acronym to communicate (and to remember more easily) useful suggestions.
    Furthermore, the observation of silence makes the mind receptive and allows to acquire the higher values. And, contrary to popular belief, the purpose of silence is not free the mind from our thoughts, to make sure such a state of emptiness and liabilities. It becomes a determining factor in the effectiveness and concentration of our power of thought.

    • Thank you for your comment, Aldo. You’re right, silence does indeed make the mind receptive, and allows us to concentrate more effectively. I appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Teresa Velardi, Congratulations on being a BIZCAT360 Featured Contributor! I agree with Larry Tyler and Jane Anderson. Love, love how you used the first letters of the word SILENCE as an acronym to empower your important message. Silence is golden. Our busy world is filled with the sound of life and it is during times of silence that we hear that quiet voice-within whispering personal guidance. Thanks so much for reminding us.

    • You’re welcome, Kat. More often than not, when I write, the message that is revealed is exactly what I need at the exact time that I need it. Coincidence? I think not. 🙂

  3. Beautifully presented, the gift of silence. You have given us the pieces to incorporate into each day. I have quiet time with God in the morning. I dont journal, but I often write my prayers. It would probably benefit me to.have moments of silence throughout the day. Thank you for sharing.

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