The Future Of Business Advertising

Advertising has changed so much over the last two decades. However, it still remains a huge way for businesses to generate leads and gain customers. What’s interesting to think about is what business advertising will look like in the future. What will be the main concepts, etc.? Today, we look at three things that will take center stage in the future of advertising:



The future of advertising is going to be built around interaction. Advertisers and businesses will aim to get consumers to interact with their adverts. This is already seen in some traditional adverts like bus stop ads. A lot of these ads now come with QR codes that people can scan with their mobile device, and it takes them to a website.

This is a very basic way of getting people to interact with an advert, and there are many other ideas too. Online ads are becoming more interactive too, encouraging users to click things or fill in details, etc. By getting people to interact, it increases your chances of generating leads and closing sales. Interaction will definitely be a big thing for businesses in the future of advertising.



There’s no denying that advertising on mobile devices is already becoming very popular. In the future, this concept is set to get even more popular with more businesses turning towards mobile app advertising over more traditional methods. Why? Because mobile app usage is on the up, and this method of advertising is perhaps the most targeted of all.

Think about it, if someone downloads a mobile app, it shows they’re interested in something. If you download an app that shows you live sports scores, it shows you’re interested in sports. If you download an app full of recipes it shows you have an interest in cooking. As a result, businesses can now push their adverts through specific apps as they know they’ll reach their target audience. An accounting firm can bid on ads that will be displayed on calculator or tax apps. It means companies get more value from their bids as they know their ads are being seen by their ideal demographic.


Augmented Reality

If you follow the tech industry, then you’ll know the next big thing is set to be augmented reality. This is a concept where people’s reality is manipulated by things that aren’t actually there. As an example, you put on a headset that shows you augmented things in your living room. You see things that other people don’t if they don’t have the headset on.

How does this affect advertising? Well, it’s going to open up a whole new advertising platform for businesses. Companies will be able to create augmented adverts that are only seen by people using augmented reality headsets, etc. Essentially, this could bring your adverts right into someone’s living room and improve engagement. At the moment, it’s a concept that’s a good few years away from happening. However, it’s very exciting from a business standpoint.

As a business, if you can prepare for the future, then you’ll be in a better place to adapt and deal with these changes. Consequently, you can run a smooth advertising campaign while others are still trying to understand these new concepts.

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