The Force of Everyday Routine


ONE DAY WE CERTAINLY come to a point, where we are all bored with all the repetition in life, the endless sameness of the days, and the activities in our daily routine. Instead of following our normal, everyday routines, we are forced to choose between substitute solutions, seek new and exciting experiences and try to become liberated from the own self.

While we might not agree with the choices and the path we end up on, the idea of escaping from everyday routine is certainly appealing.

The question is:

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The more we are exposed to new experiences in life, the more comfortable we become with them.

We often live a life like robots: Robots who get up in the morning, go to work, come back, eat, turn on the TV, check some minutes our mobiles before going to bed and next day repeat the whole routine again. Where’s the fun in that? Is this a life worth living? Certainly not!

And when we travel somewhere we plan everything carefully. We stand up, go to breakfast and after breakfast automatically fall into a planning strategy. Having collected many prospectuses, we try to find the best way through sightseeing objects and navigation points. We want to have the best, to see everything, to experience everything. Higher, better, and quicker. And not everything is so easy. Clearly, it is much easier said than done.

The problem of our life is: Life is a kind of stage now – we are online all the time. We have learned that amusement, fun and joy, are now new chances. We have more chances than before. And people want to use them. Too willingly!

Life, the internet, social media and our world are now so fascinating: We sense that daily routines can hide some profound secret about how to achieve greatness and success.

We try to copy other people, study their profiles and conclude about what methods work best. We run like in a hamster wheel, trying to apply other people’s strategies, follow their habits and when success does not show, we react pretentious.

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–James A. Baldwin

Karin Sebelin
Karin Sebelinhttps://www.keypersonoftrust.com/
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