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2016-United-States-Presidential-Election-Schedule[su_dropcap style=”flat”]S[/su_dropcap]OME KIND OF ACTION on the democratic debate tonight. I expected Hillary to take a swing at Sanders. She was totally out of control. Her eyes would kill if it was possible. The fight will go on as we get closer to the nomination process. I don’t think that Sanders will get the necessary delegates that he need, but he did set up Hillary with some political bombs that Hillary will have to act on.

She may not want to do so, but if nothing else Sanders has thrown the gauntlet down. How she does with it will have to wait and be seeing. Breaking up the banks hold on the economy, Wall Street greed, and special interest groups. Hillary may win but it won’t be the win that she was hoping for.

Hillary expected to just walk in to the White House and declare that she is now the queen. It won’t be that easy. She is still faced with the e-mail scandal, that I feel will come out during the presidential debate. Whoever is running against her, will use it if the Republican candidate is running behind. She won’t be able to dodge that controversy for very long. I am sure that the opposing candidate are looking to get their hands on some of those documents.

Like it or not Hillary committed infractions in handling of internet documents. What sanction she will suffer only the DOJ knows. I still think that there will be cover up by the current administration. Imagine what classified information she will have access to as President. Can you really trust Hillary?

On the other side of the coin, we are faced with a bunch of wieners that all they do is complain about each other. Let’s get down to the real issues of the day. I do believe that the TRUST factor should be the decisive question to ask. What I dislike is that the audience participation questions are scripted. They are prepared ahead of time. Why is it that no specific questions are ever asked? Why do candidates avoid answering specific questions?
Please don’t vote for a candidate just because she or he are of celebrity status. Find out what their true intentions are? Look them up. Study them, as well as their past performance. What have they done for YOU. What bills that have passed through congress helped your small corner of the world. How come candidate’s leave their respective seat a whole lot richer than when they came in. Ever wonder? How did they get that new found wealth? Why do we the people keep supporting these political thieves.

I have heard that the reason for this lethargic way of life is because the people are dumb, and stupid and do not understand the political system. If this is so, then the system will never change. The people have the power to make changes, if the people do not wish to make changes, then the same old and tired political system will prevail, and the people will just get dumber.

Is this how you want to be remembered? Imagine the grand children of the people having to face the fact that their parents were taken in by the politicians, they were so caught up on their own world the forgot to look up and see what was happening. “There is a sucker born every minute” so true, and we the people are those suckers that keep falling for the same old tricks.

When will we wake up? Probably not this cycle, we are accustomed to being lead over the proverbial cliff. Do you not hear what these political aspirants are saying? I don’t care if you are a republican or a democrat, wake up people you are about to destroy your own country from within. ISIS does not have to invade USA they are sitting back laughing at all of you as you destroy yourself. Obama, Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Sanders and whoever is left don’t care.

This is your country are you going to give it up that easily? Where is your pride? Or is that a word that no longer evokes resolution? The time will come people and all you can say is “What happened?” If it did happen you made it happen for being ignorant and foolish, and ill throw in stupid for good measure.

NOW if these words don’t excite the pride of the good old USA then we are doomed as a country. It is time to wake up people, Do you think Hillary will lead you out of the dark? I don’t think so. Will Sanders be able to do it? Hardly. Can Cruz save the day “you’re kidding right” Well that leaves Trump since he is the forerunner as of today. Perhaps a maybe? Kasich, who? Well it is up to your john q public to say “enough is enough” Will you say it? Probably not, for you haven’t gotten past stupid. No matter who wins, yeah right. Hold that person accountable. Don’t wait for the excuses to come rolling in. If those candidates that claim to abolish certain departments of the government on day ONE. Well if it is so make sure that day one those departments are closed down.

If not, then ask for a resignation, don’t wait act now. The days of being stupid are over, well we will see come next January.


Alan Campbell
Alan Campbell
ALAN is a highly accomplished, results oriented Hotelier with many years of experience in developing and delivering strategies and implementing solid organizational cultures that addresses the needs of the customer, colleagues, owners, community and industry. He has been in Las Vegas for over 30 years and has worked for the major strip hotels. Alan has spent some time in California, Los Angeles where he worked for the Radisson and Sheraton hotels. He considers the hospitality industry the best job in the world – it is the only place that both king’s and Paupers will visit you. Alan is also a featured contributor for, the “Global Hotelier’s Community.”

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