The Everyday Alchemist

“Who me?”

“Couldn’t be.”

“Then Who?”

“Number 2, that’s YOU!”

Remember this rhyme?

 I Do!

What if we really WERE alchemists? Like for real?
What if we were Born magicians?

When I was twelve, I remember dreaming of doing magical things.
Day dreaming? Lucid dreaming?
I had no Clue!
Not then, that is.

I could move through our Eichler Ranch that backed up to the high school football field by …
Simply easily bending over and laying forward like ‘dead man’s float,’ suspended one foot from the floor.

The feeling of defying gravity was exhilarating; I felt joy there as I scurried around and through the rooms of our home. I dreamed this frequently over the years.

Who knew? “Not I,” said the Little Red Hen!

That what I dreamed of and wanted … was all True!!

That my ability was a gift to all human beings!
After all, we are the only living beings (known to date) that has ‘conscious awareness.’

[Note] For those who insist to this day that Their Dog (or cat) has conscious awareness, I offer this:

The dog knows he is in the room, yet he doesn’t ‘know that he knows it!’
Humans know they are in the room and know that we know it!
Knowing that you know it IS the indication of conscious awareness!

I’m not twelve anymore. Yet, the thing I dreamed of doing; the magic of life and creation; is now part of my own life.

Consider as I dreamt this, felt it, saw it, repeatedly over a long period of time, meant it was ‘already so.’

What? That is, everything is created twice! That’s right!

First in our ‘mind’s eye,’ of what some refer to as the ‘screen of their mind.’
That place we look up to when we are thinking; about 20◦ about eye height.

For most of us, we see images of what we are thinking.
Each image has a feeling associated with it, happy or not so happy in simplest terms.

Through repetition, the image is slowly impressed into our invisible subconscious mind, where it lives like the truth!

It’s what we believe, it IS our truth, and our Results reflect what we believe!

“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!”

Now I know that what I want very much; that serves others; that gives me abundant thought … I can have by simply Replicating what I’ve always done!

As I watched my toddler grandson one Sunday evening, right before our weekly family dinner, I saw him pushing a chair up to the counter, next to the refrigerator.

“What are you doing,” I asked, always curious about anything he did in my view.

He looked at me, still pushing the kitchen chair, slow but sure, and said, “I want a chocolate chip cookie.” He knows I keep them on top of the frig.

First, he got the ‘idea’ and an image of that cookie in his mind, and then made a beeline to get it.

It didn’t matter if I said ‘no.’ The power of the image and how he ‘felt’ knowing it was within his grasp, were stronger than anything I could have said.

Consider … what we have now, our lifestyle, good or bad, we thought about repeatedly over our lives. I have learned that IF it is something wonderful that I want more than anything; more than any obstacle in my way, I would have it. I made it happen.

WE are alchemists one and all as we turn an Idea (thought energy) into physical matter!!

I’ve proven this to myself repeatedly.
The drive to have it must heavily Outweigh any outside condition or circumstance.

The magic of life is using our conscious awareness to track the things that gave us the things we love and wanted … and to repeat the process.

I trust you will look back and remember when you did this. It’s the access to repeating this to reward yourself and to be grateful for this special gift.

Photo credit: red-hen-g6ca4a1350_1920 Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay


Leslie Flowers
Leslie Flowers
Leslie Flowers, a trailblazer for women in business and emerging enterprises, is an industry-recognized authority on results and achievement and teaching business principles, universal law, and mindset over 17,000 hours over fifteen years. Leslie developed her Flagship Leadership Mastermind in 2013, the 8 Essentials of Performance and Achievement, for which she developed an agile framework to aid her clients in being in full control of their lives and have influence over conditions and circumstances. Certified coach and consultant (LSC), speaker (CS), and author of seven books, Leslie’s greatest joys in business include mentoring women to “ask for what they deserve … and be paid,” and creating leadership development mastermind training and teams to emerging enterprises.

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