The Entreprenuer’s Life: It’s Not Sexy

You all out there think you know an entrepreneur’s life, I see so many damn blogs every day about entrepreneurs, their lifestyle, their flaws, their attitudes and personality traits blah blah blah.

But every single one of them “no offence to the writers” misses one thing which is fundamental to being a bloody entrepreneur; which is?? Were you privileged to this lifestyle or did you hustle every day to being a true entrepreneur.

Now that is the conversation I want to be having or be a part of. And yes, I mean all those who have a Harvard, Oxford or other background where more often you are privileged to be at the right place, more often recognised and backed at several if not all stages of your entrepreneur life… you guys and gals are not true entrepreneurs sorry to break the news, you are all in the right place at the right time with the right backgrounds, if you know what i mean!!

Well yes you may have a super successful business and lifestyle but it comes with a lot of help. No offence, I have nothing against those entrepreneurs who were born in the right families etc. But I do want some focus directed on the other entrepreneurs — who I call true ones. Because they are the ones that do not have a privileged lifestyle. They are the ones that go through the hustles of life and businesses all day long without any support in many cases.

Yes, all entrepreneurs go through more or less the same stages of challenges from startups to SMEs to making their businesses global. But it’s the difference between entrepreneurs that have plenty of help all along the way and then the one’s that have to muster at least 10 times more courage and preparedness that they will not get all the help they need or deserve. It’s these true entrepreneurs that really need light shown upon, they may not get to success they deserve as fast but they sure get there too.

These true entrepreneurs have a lot more passion, drive, and determination. They face numbness, and longer, I mean extremely longer hours, they have to make more sacrifices for their passions, and on a lighter note they can get ill too but they still don’t have time to fall ill and so they keep going. These true entrepreneurs get millions of set back because they didn’t have certain networks and similar privileges. Every defeat to them is a huge lesson learnt and monumental in shaping their attitudes, personality and business decisions.

But these are also some of the most humble people I have known, some of the most direct, honest and respectable individuals. They have an enormous strength of character and attitude that help them bounce back in lightening speed, they are truly adventurous and dive deep into their passions. Being a true entrepreneur is not sexy at all if you are someone who is this true entrepreneur i describe — you know your daily struggles, determination and effort it takes to stay on your feet from empty pockets to sleepless nights.

So to all true enterprenuers out there with a mission in your lives — i know how hard you work everyday and night, i know how much you grind, and i know it is not sexy at all; because I am one of you. It’s about time we pat ourselves on the back, the irony though is that if you are anything like me you will not pat yourself on your back just yet but you are smiling inside — knowing you are getting closer.

I would welcome thoughts and feedback from all entrepreneurs, of course, the intention was not to slate or be harsh at the entrepreneurs that have privileges, on the contrary it was to highlight the true entrepreneurs that don’t have the same privileges and yet make it to great heights. Thanks for contributing!


Bhumika Zhaveri
Bhumika Zhaveri
BHUMIKA is a serial entrepreneur with experience in business strategy, change, human resources and talent management. Her expertise has been built over years in varied sectors where she has worked as a consultant. Most recently leading change programmes from a people perspective. Founder & CEO of BZ Consultants, simplicity hacker passionate about people, growth and change. Her unconventional thinking and mentorship have benefited many people with their own professional success and development through her career support services she has been providing on a voluntary basis since April 2012. Most recently Bhumi is involved in launching her tech start up InteriMarket which is an online platform focused on supporting the “gig economy” for B2B and B2C building an online ecosystem to enable relevant and better networking, collaboration and talent management. Academically she has obtained BA (Hons), PG in Project Management, MBA in Finance with a specialist license as a career counsellor and personal success coaching. She is also pursuing her Executive and leadership coaching at present and takes a keen interest in people, psychology and behaviours that advocate of her being a thought leader in the field. She is also an author and speaker on various subjects including women empowerment, entrepreneurship, talent management, coaching and leadership. She is a firm believer of success through people and culture, which she will be writing more about in the coming weeks and months. She is passionate about everything she works on and this is reflected in her energy and communication.

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