[su_dropcap style=”flat”]W[/su_dropcap]HAT ARE YOUR DREAMS? Better yet, what are your broken dreams? Dan Pallotta dreams of a time when we are as excited, curious and scientific about the development of our humanity as we are about the development of our technology.

[bctt tweet=”What we fear most is that we will be denied the opportunity to fulfill our true potential ” via=”no”]

Pallotta says.

Imagine living in a world where we simply recognize that deep, existential fear in one another — and love one another boldly because we know that to be human is to live with that fear.

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Jeanine Joy

I’ve found that when you see the good that is at the core of every person and love them unconditionally the fear disappears, not because you’re trying to overcome it or be brave, but because you realize there is nothing to fear.

@Team 360°

Quite frankly Jeanine, you couldn’t possibly have said it better! Thanks for engaging in such a topical discussion.