The Doors An Online Master Of Education Program Will Open Up

Getting a Master of Education degree might sound pretty straightforward. It might also sound like your choices in terms of a career are very limited, mainly being a basic teacher. However, this is simply not true in the least. Then you get an online MEd, there are many different types of jobs that you might end up performing. There are way more possibilities than you might think.

1. A Highly Skilled Tutor

One job field that you can go into if you have your MEd is that of tutoring. No, it may not sound like the most glorious job out there, but the fact of the matter is that there are many openings in this field. Sure, you might not want to be just a tutor, but you could maybe even open up your own tutoring shop. Being able to teach children and adults the problem subjects they have issues with can be quite rewarding, not to mention lucrative too.

2. A University Professor

Yes, if you want to be a university professor, you will definitely benefit from having a Master of Education degree. The fact here is that you will need to specialize in a certain field like English, history, math, sciences, or anything else, in order to become a university professor. However, with that said, being a professor is lucrative, it is rewarding, and there are always lots of career opportunities out there.

3. Career Counseling

If you do not actually want to teach, with a MEd, you can always consider becoming a career counsellor for youth and adults. When people do not know what to specialize in, finding a career to stick with for the rest of their lives can be quite hard. With a degree like this, you can help these people find jobs best suited for them, thus improving the lives of everybody around you.

4. A School Teacher

Yet another career opportunity available to you with an online MEd degree is that of a school teacher. Yes, you can become a basic teacher in an elementary or secondary school, thus shaping the future and the world around you.

5. An English or ESL Teacher

The fact of the matter is that there are many people out there in need of a good English teacher. There are lots of people moving to Australia on a yearly basis, which means that opening up your own ESL shop can be quite lucrative. Even online English lessons are a big hit right now, with big bucks being ripe of the taking.

6. Specialty Job Training

When you have a Master of Education degree, you can also go into the field of job training. There are many business and organizations out there which require great teachers and mentors to help their employees be the best they can be.

7. Curriculum Advisor

If you want to shape the future and dictate what children learn in schools, with a MEd from SCU, you can always become a curriculum advisor. This way you can ensure that the newer generations are learning everything necessary for future success.

8. Teaching Of People With Mental Disabilities

One very rewarding career path to take with a Master of Education degree is that of a mental disabilities teacher. People with mental disabilities are already at a disadvantage in life, but this does not mean that they should not be afforded the same opportunities as everybody else. As a teacher specializing in people with disabilities, you can ensure that they get a fair shot at life.

A MEd – So Many Jobs For You!

As you can see, with a Master of Education, finding a job should really not be all that hard. The bottom line is that there are many diverse opportunities out there for anybody with a MEd.

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