The Dirty Secret of Vibrant Health

It’s a dirty little secret. To find out if this works for you, as it does for many, you’ve really got to get down and dirty. Literally. It’s called earthing or grounding and it’s all the rage to deal with this age.

Want to feel better and possibly reduce chronic pain? Improve sleep and decrease stress? Heal more quickly? Have more energy? Go outside and put your bare feet on the earth. Earthing or grounding, making direct skin contact with the earth, has proven to be a potential panacea for symptoms that slow us down.

We are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet. Our bodies operate electrically. All of our cells transmit multiple frequencies that run our heart, immune system, muscles, and nervous system. When we touch the planet with our skin, we ground and recharge. An earth connection was an everyday reality until the mid-20th century. The early 1950s brought us shoes made with rubber or plastic insulating soles instead of the traditional leather which kept us connected. Then came high-rise buildings and other technological advances that now separate most humans from the earth’s surface.

According to studies conducted by The Earthing Institute and published in the National Institutes of Health, this disconnection may be a major factor in many health problems and inflammatory-related chronic diseases.

According to studies conducted by The Earthing Institute and published in the National Institutes of Health, this disconnection may be a major factor in many health problems and inflammatory-related chronic diseases. Inflammation makes everything worse, especially in how we actually feel. Chronic pain, allergies, and autoimmune diseases have become epidemic in our modern world. What if the cure is simple? We all just need to get grounded.

The surface of the earth possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free or mobile electrons. Our bodies need these electrons to charge us up. Raw earth has them in abundance. When we are unplugged from it, by carpet, shoes, asphalt or linoleum, our immune and electrical systems are deprived of this vital electric nutrition.

Once we reconnect with our dirty energy source, surprisingly potent and rapid anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects can happen. Grounding appears to improve sleep, reduce pain, decrease stress, calm the nervous system, increase heart rate variability, speed wound healing, and reduce blood viscosity. It can counter depleting effects produced in response to pollutants, poisons, or injury. Earthing can help normalize the circadian rhythm which controls our sleep and wake cycles, possibly reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Does it seem too simple to be believed? Or real? Aren’t many solutions? Physical contact with the surface of the planet allows earth’s electrons to spread over the skin surface and into the body.  This health-enhancing natural resource plugs into our living matrix, reaching every part of the being.

When you, can go outside. Take off your shoes and put your bare feet on the ground or in the grass. Get your hands dirty in your garden. For those who can’t go outside or with chronic conditions there are products, like mats and blankets, that can be put on the bed to ground while sleeping.

Earthing is an easy, natural, and accessible health strategy against chronic inflammation. Our bodies need occasional recharging by conductive contact with the earth’s surface, the battery for all planetary life, to be optimally effective. Go ahead and get down and dirty often to thrive at every age.


Cristina Smith
Cristina Smith
CRISTINA is the founder and CEO of the Subtle Energy Center and award-winning author of the Yoga for the Brain series. Her research, discoveries and teachings have helped thousands of people bring more health and happiness into their lives. Founding president of the San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce and adjunct faculty for Holos University Graduate Seminary, Cristina is devoted to cultivating community, cooperation and communication among us to make the world a kinder place.

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  1. I will always know the feeling of putting my bare feet in the wet sand as the waves rolled up and then looking out to the massive ocean, and feeling so small, but so grateful for everything, Fighting cancer on two occasions, stepping out onto the things God created for us in this earth was healing in many ways.