The Dilemmas and Opportunities for Hotel Groups by Guest Experiences

When a major new direction comes along, it is usually met with opposition or even outrage, or maybe just with a cold shoulder, as it involves change. The upholders of the status quo may try to ignore the new direction, but as people show interest, they have to choose between jumping on the bandwagon or rejecting it. If a company chooses wrongly, perhaps out of arrogance and self-importance, it may fall by the wayside. The concept of the energetic, Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience is an example of such a new direction.

Within a few years hotel groups will most certainly be forced to choose between sticking to their venerable, traditional, rather robotic concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction (now being kept alive with social media and more and more material items and technology) or using energy to create a guest experience, which is in more line with the inner experience, which guests need. This will happen because change is taking place so quickly in all industries and the hotel industry is no exception. Indeed, the glimmer of the new dawn has already appeared, perhaps because hoteliers know that the clonable, generic, western concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction is obsolete and that it has reached a dead end; even though it is being kept on a life support system in the ways above.

via The Dilemmas and Opportunities Created for Hotel Groups by Energetic, Heart-Based Guest Experiences , by Peter McAlpine.