The Delivery of Corporate Legal Services: It’s A New Ballgame

BEYOND THE LAW[su_dropcap style=”flat”]L[/su_dropcap]EGAL DELIVERY was once limited to providing legal expertise. Now, it is a three-legged stool comprised of legal expertise, technology, and business process. This expansion of necessary skill-sets has put pressure upon law firms to change and has opened the door to competition.

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  • Corporate legal departments and legal service providers have taken market share from law firms.
  • Others- notably the Big Four and law firm networks- are poised to take even more.
  • The partnership model that worked so well for law firms over the past several decades appears unsustainable.
  • The essays attempt to demystify how legal services are delivered and create a mosaic of the contemporary legal marketplace. The intent is to spawn reflection- then action.[/message]
There is great opportunity to improve upon the delivery of legal services.. The myth that “law firms must handle legal matters from start to finish” has been debunked. And clients now decide what’s a “legal” issue.
The legal mosaic is being recast. I am delighted to share my new eBook: “Legal Mosaic: Essays on Legal Delivery.” These essays examine recent changes in the delivery of legal services; explore causes; discuss responses; and proffer solutions.

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Mark A. Cohen
Mark A. Cohen
MARK has had a long and distinguished career as a lawyer and innovator in the legal vertical. His unique perspective on the legal industry is derived from roles he has had as an internationally recognized civil trial lawyer, legal entrepreneur, early large-scale adopter of technology for the delivery of legal services, partner at one of the largest law firms, founder and managing partner of a national litigation boutique firm, outside General Counsel, federally appointed Receiver of a large, international aviation parts business with operations on four continents, (Adjunct) Distinguished Lecturer of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, writer, speaker, and acknowledged global thought leader at the intersection of law, business, and technology. Mark currently serves as CEO of Legalmosaic, a company that provides strategic consulting to service providers, consumers, investors, educators, and new entrants into the legal vertical. Prior to founding Legalmosaic, Mark was Co-Founder of Clearspire, a groundbreaking legal service provider whose disruptive, proprietary IT platform and reengineered legal model garnered international acclaim. This followed his founding of Qualitas,an early entrant into the LPO space. Earlier in his career, Mark was an internationally recognized civil trial lawyer. He was an award-winning Assistant U.S. Attorney and the youngest partner of Finley Kumble prior to founding his own multi-city litigation boutique firm. Mark is widely known for his blogging and speaking on a range of legal topics focused on changes, challenges, and opportunities in the current legal landscape. Mark maintains an active speaking scheduled, both domestic and international. He has been a keynote speaker at Harvard Law School’s Speaker Series, Reinvent Law, 3M’s Global Legal Alignment Summit, LegalZoom, University College London, and, in May 2017, The German Bar Association’s Annual Conference. He writes a weekly column for Forbes and has been published in major legal and business media sources around the globe. Mark has been active in sports and the arts throughout his life, and this is reflected in his writing and speaking on legal issues where he frequently makes references to those topics. He enjoys mentoring students and young lawyers and is known for his colorful sense of humor and candor.

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