The Dangers of Smoking and Why You Should Kick the Habit

Many people have bad habits or patterns of behavior they want to be changed. No matter what habit, negative behavior, or addition you have it is possible to change this aspect of your life. Experts such as DrJud.com help people just like you overcome habits that negatively impact their lives. For example, one of the most common addictions people try to overcome is smoking. While smoking use has decreased there are still over 40 million adults who still smoke cigarettes. While quitting addiction can be daunting it is to your long-term benefit to doing so. Here are five ways cigarette addiction can impact your life.

Five Ways Cigarettes Impact Your Life

  1. Your Lung Health: smoking has a notable negative impact on your lungs. It is a leading cause of lung cancer in both men and women. However, cancer isn’t the only problem smoking cause to your respiratory system. Smoking has also been linked to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other breathing ailments such as reduced lung capacity and shortage of breath.
  2. Other Cancers: lung cancer isn’t the only concern you have when smoking as it has been linked to cancer to other organs and parts of your body. Smoking can increase the chances of cancer to the bladder, bowels, kidneys, liver, esophagus, throat, and more. Smoking can also reduce the effectiveness of cancer treatment and has been linked to many types of cancer.
  3. Heart Health: your heart can be negatively impacted by cigarette use. Smoking increases the odds of health concerns such as stroke or heart ailments. This is because of the many problems smoking can cause to your heart, blood, and overall cardiovascular system. Smoking causes damage to the lining of your heart’s arteries which in turn causes a build-up of fatty deposits. In addition, smoking reduces your blood’s ability to clot properly and the amount of oxygen your blood carries through your cardiovascular system is also reduced. In general, smoking increases your heart rate making your heart work harder.
  4. Mental Well-Being: as a smoker, you are likely aware of the associated physiological effects smoking can cause. Without regular tobacco use, you can easily develop withdraws symptoms such as jitters, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, and cravings. There is a chemical reason for this as nicotine causes your brain to produce increased dopamine levels, which makes you feel good, and without this increased nicotine caused output withdrawal occurs.
  5. Finances: not all the issues smoking causes are health-related. Smoking is an expensive habit and in some states, a pack of cigarettes can go for as high as ten dollars a pack. Over the course of a year, this quickly adds up even if you live in a state where cigarettes are comparably cheap. No matter the cost this money can be used for other wants and needs.

Final Thoughts

Kicking a bad habit is not easy especially with the addictive properties of substances such as nicotine. It should not be considered embarrassing to ask for help when it comes to getting over addiction and even if you’ve tried in the past to quit and couldn’t do it that doesn’t mean you can’t try again. Professional assistance can help you kick an unwanted habit for good.

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