Just today I was reading an article about an HR Manager’s frustrations with novice recruiters and their lack of training and their inability to ask questions to probe deeper to see what the needs of a role truly are. This immediately brought me back to my rookie days of recruitment. I’ll never forget when on my very first technical client visit as a 3rd party recruiter the client said and they must have and candidate with PBJ.

I stopped him right there and let him know that I was not as well versed on the technical side of recruitment could he please walk me through in-depth what PBJ was and how it was utilized in his organization. He then proceeded to grin from ear to ear and say that I had won his business.

Confused I asked why; he proceeded to tell me he had met with 5 other tenured recruiters and they all just nodded and said they could find him exactly what he was looking for without probing about the PBJ.

The reality of it was that he was actually jaded by novice and or cocky recruiters and PBJ was actually PB&J: peanut butter and jelly and had no professional relevance to his position. He threw that in there to see if anybody would ask him what it meant.

Over the years I have found it isn’t really novice recruiter versus experienced recruiters some of the experienced are the worst. I think it is a matter of recruiters whether 3rd party or corporate having a natural curiosity and constant yearning to learn and get it right. That in my opinion is something that should be evaluated when hiring anybody in the recruitment field.

via The Curious Recruiter – RecruitingBlogs.

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