The Crucial Role of Nurses in the Community

Nursing is an admirable career, on many levels. In addition to helping improve patient outcomes, nurses can also provide much-needed education to the community. Find out more about their pivotal role in the community, and how you can pursue this type of career to help others.

Providing care

The most obvious way that nurses contribute to the community is by treating those who are ill to help them have a better quality of life. If you become a nurse, you will provide ethical, safe care according to nursing principles and honor the dignity of patients.

The scope of the care you provide to people will vary, depending on the setting where you work, such as in the emergency department of a hospital. Among the important activities that you will partake in regularly are monitoring of patient progress, critical thinking, and analysis of diagnostic test results.

Your skill and expertise, which you developed in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, will be integral to providing the most appropriate amount of care to the patient. Furthermore, nurses take a leadership role by improving and supporting care, with the patient at the center, across a range of scenarios.

The impact of nurses’ work is even more significant when it comes to populations that might otherwise not receive proper care. For example, in remote areas it can be difficult for people to receive quality care, if any at all, when a hospital is not within easy reach. From providing care directly to promoting healthy habits, there is a variety of ways that nurses can help others.


A key part of nursing is educating patients on their current condition, as well as what they can expect in the future. Nurses also deliver updates on their patients’ health, based on test results, and share treatment strategies. At Marymount University you can receive expert teaching for a more affordable price. Furthermore, they offer higher passing rates than many surrounding universities, which is ideal for those seeking a course in nursing.

While many people think immediately of the work RNs do directly with patients, nurses also form relationships with the families of those receiving treatment. Educating families is part of the nurse’s job in many cases, including when the patient is a child. Given the patient’s young age, the boy or girl would likely not readily understand their illness, and hearing all the details of their situation might overwhelm them.

Thus, a nurse must determine what is age-appropriate to tell the child and deliver difficult news to parents when their son or daughter is not progressing well. Other times, the news is positive and speaks well for the quality of care that is available in this nation, especially when nurses have genuine, caring relationships with families in the community.

Finally, nurses educate people about ways to maintain their health, which can help to reduce or eliminate issues relating to bad nutrition, smoking, obesity, and more. They can also be change-makers by encouraging communities to set up wellness centers or start initiatives like health screenings.


Providing compassionate care is another way that nurses contribute positively to the community. RNs continually think about what it is like to be in the patient’s shoes to help determine the best way to provide care in each unique situation.

Whether the patient is in physical pain, mentally frail, or emotionally distressed, the nurse must be there to support them and provide help during a challenging time. By raising up others, nurses give individuals hope, provide them with the opportunity for better health outcomes, and pave the way for patients to then be contributors to the community.

Patience and understanding are two important characteristics of nurses, as is having great communication skills. Relating to people who come from various backgrounds and are different ages is all part of a nurse’s day. Providing support and guidance to both patients and their families is admirable, and nurses deserve every compliment and accolade they receive from the community.

You can be a nurse who makes a difference too

It may surprise you to know that you do not need years of schooling to become a registered nurse. Universities offer accelerated BSN programs, for example, that provide a fast track to a rewarding career in nursing, completed in under a year. If you have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline, then the accelerated BSN program presents a great opportunity for you.

Nursing is a popular choice as a second career, and it is a field that is in demand. Plus, you can be confident that there will always be a need for nurses, which isn’t the case for other professions.

Perhaps most importantly, when you graduate from the online program, you will have the ability to help others in the community who might not otherwise have access to quality care. The role you play can be pivotal to improving their outlook on life or providing a connection that they desperately need.

You will help to provide them with the proper care for their condition and comfort them during a difficult time, whether it is in a hospital, an emergency department, clinic, doctor’s office, or another healthcare environment. Rest assured that an accredited program like the one from Baylor will prepare you for a range of scenarios, through online coursework and clinical placements, so that you are confident in your role.

Final words on nurses who care for communities

Nurses act selflessly and give much of themselves every day they are on the job. It is a big ask for someone to do this, but these individuals do it because they are kind, respectful, caring, and highly motivated to help others.

As described above, nurses play a pivotal role in helping individual patients, their families, and the community at large. These contributions are significant and ones that you will feel proud of if you decide to pursue this noble career.

While nursing is challenging, it is also very rewarding, and many nurses speak of these highlights when describing their position. The impact of nurses through providing health care services to a range of different people, including vulnerable populations, should not be underestimated. Being a key part of providing quality patient care is a huge part of nursing, and it is highly commendable.

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