The “Corporate Mums” – Do Women Impact The Business Worlds (Well… no.)


working_mum_fat_kidsby Vickie Zisman, Featured Contributor

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]N[/su_dropcap]O, I DON’T MEAN Marissa Mayer et al.

Morning all. Just a new week’s reflection. Again, this new torrent of organisational/recruitment/HR articles in financial press. Again the same advice. Like the broken Swiss clock which nobody wants to mend.

Yes, all written by the organisational/recruitment gurus, who predominantly seem to be ….female. Asking the experts’ forgiveness in advance for bundling all of you….girls…into one mushy bouquet of professional niche….How to make organisation better/efficient…In a broad generalisation….

Haven’t conducted a ‘scientific’ survey, but the sphere seems to be dominated by women. So, for the sake of the academic argument, lets assume that 90% of the consultants are…..women.

So how can it be that this whole branch of a business activity commanded by women, produces eeehhhmmmm….zero results? How come that the huge – billion dollar – budgets circulating in this “industry” go to drain with regard to effect they have on the corporate structure and behaviour? How come that nobody seems to implement whatever these ‘business experts’ advise?  Worse, when women do climb all the way up to the top, they transform into men, and adopt masculine corporate behaviour (yes, Marissa, Meg, Carly and such) .

Because you see, wherever there was a change in the structure, companies like Zappos, Gravity Payments…no organisational consultants were involved. It was the founders who went against the prevalent current. They didn’t ask anybody for advice and simply did it….

So does the corporate world see the organisational operation as some sort of ‘business care niche’, with professional women being treated like our mums, sisters and daughters? It’s important to have their opinion, and even “support” it –  pay for it from time to time, but then, after brief consideration, we go about our usual ways?

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