The Coronavirus Crisis

Beyond the global pandemic is one of the greatest challenges we have ever experienced, on the one hand it is showing us how we are all dependent on each other, and on the other hand how much we repel each other. How we all belong to one system, and how we’re all connected to one system. Even though it’s in a negative way at the moment, it still has vast, positive potential.

This is the practical part of the wisdom of Kabbalah that provides the necessary adjustments for success in a connected world.

Who is it for? For every person and for the whole world.

The New Challenge

When we hear about a new smartphone we rush to buy it. No one wants to be left behind with an old version to face the challenges of life.

The coronavirus has revealed a need for a new, human type of technology that will increase the positive connection between human beings, expand the boundaries of our perception and build more advanced capacities of thinking and feeling inside us.

Even before the crisis hit us, it was clear that global trends must shift in order to better meet the challenges of reality. The complexity revealed today requires a reassessment of all the interactions in the system.

“It turns out that when humankind achieves its goal, with respect to the success of the bodies, by bringing them to the degree of complete love of others, all the bodies in the world will unite into a single body and a single heart, as written in the article, “The Peace.” Only then will all the happiness intended for humanity become revealed in all its glory.”

Baal HaSulam – The Freedom

Social Intelligence

If until now the transition to systemic thinking was only a trend, the coronavirus came and made the theory a reality. The manner in which the pandemic is spreading indicates not only the properties of the virus, but also the properties of the communication system between humans, and between man and nature.

Our perception of reality makes a clear separation between myself and the other, in all areas and at all levels, instinctively. This perception has shaped the nature of relationships in society in all areas of our lives.

In our time the world has become more connected, and more interdependent, with regard to everything from supplying basic necessities and right up to the fate of international and global political relations. This requires us to consider additional factors. Therefore in such a complex reality, it is imperative to develop intelligence at a new level.

A true, practical, and systemic approach requires knowledge and understanding of human beings and the world. Meaning how the system that surrounds us operates, according to what laws, and how we implement it.

In the human mind, there are mechanisms that aim to create mutual connection and good connections, to develop qualities such as empathy, cooperation, and consideration for others, but they only exist in potential.

As early as the 1940s, Baal HaSulam wrote about this:

In our time, the countries are all linked in the satisfaction of their needs of life, as individuals were in their families in earlier times. Therefore, we can no longer speak or deal with just conducts that guarantee the well-being of one country or one nation, but only with the well-being of the whole world because the benefit or harm of each and every person in the world depends and is measured by the benefit of all the people in the world.

Baal HaSulam – Peace in the World

The Desire to Receive Pleasure & Enjoyment

Until the arrival of the coronavirus, our lives were like a constant race. The time-out imposed on us brought with it new thoughts about all areas of life. For example that we can work from home and save hours on commuting; that we can have lunch with our family; we can look into our wife’s eyes, can look inside our children’s’ hearts; and even schedule time for ourselves to think. We also saw very interesting developments that took place in nature. How within a few months it managed to rehabilitate itself, as soon as we stopped disturbing it.

The inner factor and the fundamental material from which we are made is the desire to receive pleasure and enjoyment. It’s the desire to receive that causes us to constantly examine ourselves and compare our situation with that of those around us. The culture of excessive consumption promoted this illusion by selling products that were guaranteed to satisfy our needs.  All that is on the verge of bankruptcy in our time. The method no longer works. Today the cracks are already being revealed in all the systems we have built, and the proof is all around us. The difficulty is in understanding the future trend, of where we are headed.

On this simple principle rests all our old systems of life. In the new world, our level of success and happiness will not depend on limited personal metrics, but on the quality of relationships between people. This is a total psychological shift because the will does not care what to enjoy or how to enjoy, the main thing is to enjoy by its nature. We are not talking about a mental system but about the material itself, which must receive pleasure and enjoyment.

We don’t need to prevent ourselves from using our desires, but all the innovation will be around how we leverage them in an unlimited, eternal way.

“When we examine and thoroughly grasp the above plan, we will see that the whole difficulty lies in changing our nature from a desire to receive for ourselves, to a desire to bestow upon others, since those two things deny one another. At first glance, the plan seems imaginary, as something that is above human nature. But when we delve deeply into it, we will find that the contradiction from reception for oneself to bestowal upon others is nothing but a psychological matter, because in fact we do bestow upon others without benefiting ourselves.”

Baal HaSulam – Peace in the World


Ofer Nakash
Ofer Nakash
Ofer is a lecturer and facilitator of the integral approach to correct human integration. The main topics include understanding the meaning of life, interpretation of the Zohar, becoming more familiar with our true human nature and the human ego, expanding our emotional intelligence, tapping into our collective consciousness, and the integral education method. All of the above is based on 20 years of experience in the study and practice of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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