The Connection

A connection is really just an interaction between people, opportunity and ideas.  Even as a child growing up far away from the dynamics of the city, I watched my Daddy interact with people.  He seemed to know everyone, what they did and where they worked.  It always seemed more about giving or helping than getting anything in return.

I asked Daddy one day how come he was always helping people.  He stopped as he always did when I asked a question and seemed to ponder about what I asked.  He said that when you help people you form an emotional bond with them.  They respect you; they are grateful for the help that you give them, and they feel safe knowing that they have neighbors that they can depend on when times are hard.  When you give you add value to who you are and what you represent.

He told me about people that helped him after Hurricane Hazel wreaked havoc on the farm.  They just showed up with tools, food and a desire to help.  Daddy built deep connections with people and even though he only had a third-grade education he was able to do a lot with his life.

As I grew older, I tried to follow his example building relationships and connections.  When I started my band, we were able to get booked into the clubs because Daddy had fixed someone’s car or helped them build kitchen cabinets.  I got my first job at Macks Dime Store because I mowed the manager’s grass and washed his car.  Without the time he took to be a mentor to me I would not have had such a long and interesting career in retail.  In fact, my Mom would have never been a manager without him sending her to night school.  It seemed to me that our whole community was built on relationships and connections with a strong focus on giving back and helping each other.

Point Of View

When you walk down the hollowed hallway of knowledge there are many keepers of the keys.  When you stop in front of a door the keeper will ask what you will bring to us today that will open this door for you.  When asked we must also be ready to give in return as that is the cycle of life.  We accumulate many tools on our belt as we make our journey through life and they not only allow us to bring knowledge, but they also bring value to who we are.

Connections all have a different set of tools; the value being the person is different and each carries different skills.  To have a full and successful life you must build long and lasting relationships.  Often you must give without questions and ask in return with true transparency and honesty.

We must be givers in life and always seek ways to give back to the community that has given so much to us and opened so many doors. But for those that held out an open hand to me in life, I would not be who I am.  To my teachers, my friends, those that helped me in business and to those than encourage me to write I am humble, and I am grateful.


Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler
Awaken the possibilities … then unleash them. After 55 years of successful retail management, I have returned to my passion of writing. I write Poetry, Storytelling, and Short Stories. As a child, I grew up on front porch storytelling. I would sit and listen to my Dad and his brothers tell these great stories that were captivating, and I always wanted to hear more. I wanted to experience the things they talked about. I started writing at a young age and reading everything I could get my hands on. At twelve years old I started a storytelling group and several of my friends became writers or poets. At 16 I hopped box cars and worked the tobacco fields, orange groves, picked cotton, and spent many nights around a campfire listing to life stories. Someone once asked me why I wrote. It consumes an amazing amount of time and I assure you it is not going to make me rich. I write so that my children can touch and feel my words telling of the ones that came before us and the stories they told me. These are the chronicles of our family and even though they come from my childhood memories and are deeply rooted in a child’s remembrance at least they may feel what it was like in the time before them and cherish the things the elders left behind. I am a Columnist & Featured Contributor, BIZCATALYST360 and I have The Writers Café, a group on LinkedIn that features Poets, Writers, Artists, Photographers, and Musicians . On Facebook I have two groups and one page; Dirt Road Storytelling, From Abandoned To Rescue Dogs And Cats, and About Life, Love And Living. As writers, it is true that we honestly do not know what we hold within us until we unleash it. When our words inspire others only then will inspiration return to the writer. I will spend my twilight years in search of the next story, the next poem, and the next image. I will take the time to enjoy my Wife, our Dogs, and Cats, and our amazing new home and I will always find the time to walk down a dirt road I truly hope is that I never have to read another book on Leadership, be on a conference call or see another plan o gram as these were the tool for what I did in life and not about who I am.

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  1. There is no doubt: to improve the quality of our life we ​​need to have good relationships. It is also scientifically proven that people who are lucky enough to be able to cultivate relationships throughout their lives live happier, longer and better.
    Therefore it is important to invest time and energy in your social life. Without others our existence can be more of a pain than anything else.
    Imposing relationships based on respect, authenticity and mutual understanding is possible, activating our personal power also in relationships. We are involved in human, work and / or personal relationships every day. While some excel in this area, others must struggle to interact with others in a positive way. The relationships that can be created and maintained with others should be considered as real treasures. When relationships are healthy, open and of mutual satisfaction, they enrich our lives far beyond material goods and will support them in difficult times.
    But interpersonal exchanges are fragile and require care. Even when they seem strong and consolidated, they should never be taken for granted. Those who prove capable of creating and maintaining positive relationships usually enjoy more successful careers and more fulfilling personal lives.

  2. Larry – From the articles you shared, I wish I had met your dad – he was an amazing man who understood the importance of sharing values and virtues with his chlid so that they would grow up with a moral compass. Your stories honor him by demonstrating that his investment in you was not wasted.