The Colour of Our Seasons – Natures Healing Balm

Spring is upon us in all its glory.  The myriad of colour emerging in the landscape, as if an artist has begun a perpetual painting, adding new growth to the emerging vista.

The joy this brings could be viewed as Nature’s natural medicine.  Healing the body and mind can be achieved in many forms. Including but not limited to, medicine, counselling, and holistic solutions.  Nature has its own unique way of healing and supporting us.  For instance, the physical and mental damage inflicted by the current pandemic, which has devastated so many lives, both as a result of Covid-19 and the fallout by way of mental health and the impact on our health services ability to manage the vast array of health challenges.  Amongst its enormous natural resources are the seasons, beginning with Spring. The hope and joy that emanates from the emerging growth provide us with a feeling of well-being.

Our wellbeing is a critical foundation to our existence and survival, supporting us through good and bad times, every hour of every day.

Spring has always made me smile, my earliest childhood memories are of the wonderful spring flowers, days getting warmer, more blue skies, and the promise of warm weather.

Summer next, warm days, blue skies, and yet more seasonal growth, flowers, vegetables, and fruit.  Full tree canopies, swathes of green across the vast landscapes of our island.  In the USA and elsewhere the sheer dimensions of the landscape make this a true wonder.

Into the Autumn or Fall with its vivid colours and yet more seasonal bounty.  The landscape is an abundance of gold, burnished orange, rich browns and contrasted by the evergreens.

We now finish our year in Winter, starting with dark, dull, and cold days and nights.  Then the emergence of white and silver dawns.   The quiet beauty of the crisp mornings is quite wonderful. Once again Nature imbues hope and optimism with the occasional clear bright day, blue skies, and clear air, holistic medicine guaranteed to help wellbeing and positivity. This season reminds us Spring is just around the corner.

And so it goes on, feeding our appetite for positivity, optimism, and wellbeing.

The three seasons have something in common for me and hopefully others.  They make me smile, feel happy and keep treating my senses to a good dose of stimulation. They encourage me to smile at others and where possible have a conversation. I think the cycle of the seasons gives us all a reason to be happy and kind to those around us, family, friends, acquaintances, and those we meet on our journeys and adventures.

Life can be so very challenging, and we all need something or someone to keep us optimistic and positive. Whether it’s the pandemic, ill health, or the challenges on life’s highway, Nature and its seasons heal and support.  It’s the ultimate natural balm.  It uses colour, image and stimulates our senses making us stronger and more resilient to face the challenges life presents us.

Those of us who benefit can help others do the same, our own positivity and hopefully that desire to help others will grow, courtesy of Nature and the seasons.


Christopher Fry
Christopher Fry
Christopher Fry is an independent, plc board-level management consultant, with more than 25 years of experience specializing in many facets of Human Capital Management including Specialist Resourcing (Interim Management and Executive Search), Executive Coaching, and Mentoring. He has worked at all corporate levels globally (including UK, Europe, GCC (Arabian Gulf) Middle East, Africa, and North America) with established multi-nationals as well as start-up companies, emerging markets, and new technologies.

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  1. Christopher,
    This is a beautiful share! I could feel inside of me each season as described. It also made me pause.
    It reminded me that we all have different chapters and or seasons that reflect our own life journeys. Some are better than others, but they all have meaning and bring intangible gifts that we carry with us for lifetimes. #loveeveryseason!