The Characteristics of A Great Boss

Bosses are frequently the primary reason why people enjoy or dislike their jobs. They are the lifeline of the company, they are what connects the employees and the organization, a little like an umbilical cord. If that connection is severed, the relationship will very quickly break down. Here, we look at some of the things that make a boss great.

  • Lays out clear expectations

A great boss sits down with a new employee straight away and establishes priorities. They talk about the performance evaluation and how they define what is meant by a good performance  They hold regular discussions about expectations from that point forward, not just with new employees but existing ones too.

A good boss does not tell their employees how to do their jobs. They discuss objectives and results with them, and the employees are trusted to carry out the details and the process as they see fit. Expectations are set in a variety of ways, including strategy formulation sessions and informal meetings about a particular issue.

  • Gives feedback

Some managers wait until the official performance review to give their employees negative feedback. When this occurs, employees are left wondering why it has taken so long for these to be brought up, as early intervention can lead to some big changes. Giving feedback as they go along is best practice, whatever the industry or relationship. 

  • Is resilient and fearless

A good boss encourages their employees to not be afraid of making mistakes along the way. A great boss’s mindset is one that encourages learning rather than one that instills fear of making a mistake. It’s about taking chances, trying something new and different, and pushing one’s personal boundaries. Fear only serves to stifle growth. A great boss, on the other hand, employs mistakes as tools and encourages resilience. Dee Agarwal is a great example of this. 

  • Makes the most of each individual’s strengths

A great boss watches their employees to learn what they excel at. They ask them about the parts of the job that they enjoy. A great boss also recognises and capitalises on their employees’ intuition and skills. This results in a win-win situation in which they reap the benefits of employee satisfaction while employees become more motivated and confident about their work, skills, and talents.

  • Make the effort to engage with their employees on a personal level

A great boss comes by to say hello. They are willing to make themselves available. When employees speak to them, they will stop what they are doing and give them their full attention. An effective boss is personally invested in the lives of their employees. They do not interrogate but tries to build up a better picture of who the employee is. A manager who is sympathetic and offers flexibilty is more likely to have a productive and motivated team.

There is always room for self-improvement, particularly in the ability to collaborate with others and achieve a common goal. However, this should be a collaborative effort, which you should keep in mind as you refine your recruitment strategies.

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