There are three things you need to succeed in business, and they are incredibly simple, almost too simple. You need an idea, a will, and a way. Call this a trifecta of progress, and if one is lacking, then the whole operation will fold like a house of cards. The importance of each aspect is what will separate your business from the 90% of startups that fail. Starting a company that has the potential to fly needs to have these three things, or they will not soar. Permit me to demonstrate…

An Idea…

The idea you have will be the inspiration you had in the first place to get a business set up. The seed was born out of a way to make yourself heard in the saturated business market. The idea itself needs to be unique enough that it generates enough interest, but it also needs to be reliable and bankable, otherwise you won’t have the banks investing in your company! The idea is the starting point, and it will dictate everything else that follows, but what it will really have an impact on is your marketing plan. The idea begets the brand which begets the image. The whole structure of your company’s image will rely on the product, so make it a good one.

A Will…

As the vast majority of companies fail within the first year, it can be a trying time for any business owner, and no amount of late nights and crossing the T’s will take that away from you. But with every business, there needs to be a belief in the process and that what you are doing is entirely worth it. Otherwise, there’s not really much point in doing it. Running a company is hard; it’s especially tough at 2.30 in the morning, and you are very likely to let your emotions get the better of you! But don’t let that put you off. Where there’s a will, there’s…

A Way…

There is a lot of support for small businesses, and for every type of company, there is a startup fund or online support. It’s just a case of being savvy enough to know where to look, which is all about doing the research. There are people who run businesses without knowing the first thing about order processing or what software to use. Running any type of store, especially craft ones or screen printing businesses that thrive on being creative can mean that the intent of the owner to create great prints for customers can overshadow the actual knowledge of how to run a company. There is support like screen printing software and embroidery shop management resources for those types of business owners, and there are means of support for you. Whatever your type of business, the support (financial or moral) is out there.

The three things to make a business successful doesn’t mean that it will happen overnight, but if the idea is strong enough, and the will to make it work, no matter how obtuse it may seem, and with a way for you to gain additional knowledge, you can make your company soar.

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