The Blood, Sweat & Tears to Creating

–The Bridge Around the World

Hearts are raw, and terror is the climate.  What do we do with it now?  All eyes have been on the results of what has been going on in Kabul and the Taliban’s shift into power.  Angst and fear are the prevailing perception because violence was the way it was achieved. Many from the military grapple with the emotions it stirs inside of what will now be, and the purpose they all served for the past twenty years in the fight.  But it can also be a time of awakening, a bridge of hope for all involved if one takes the view of compassion over hate.

If we cannot change what has happened, we need to see what we can do with it now.

Prayers of Hope for the Refugees

For those who helped in the long fight that have now fled with courage to a new home abroad, away from all that you’ve known.  You are an amazing example of a vulnerability that stirs compassion in others.  You matter more than you know in creating a society of acceptance where judgement and hostility for immigrants was all too common.  Now communities are reaching out on social media platforms to gather resources for your arrival to welcome you with assistance for clothing, shelter, and basic needs.  This is their chance to show the true compassion in integrating you into their schools and businesses and residences.  There is a desire to make you feel at home.  Your circumstances have become a seed of love and a bridge of accepting differences in culture.

Prayers of Leadership for the Veterans

Our hearts are with your pain and angst.  Some of this may even be hard to read, much less consider.  You have fought a long fight and allowed others to see what life can hold through your time there.  You know their plight better than those who have never served.  You now have the opportunity to use that knowledge to lead your communities in helping with the needs and showing the example of unity rather than divisions.  You see their souls better and can help both with the transition – the refugees with being in an unknown land, and your community with people who have never stepped out of their comfort zone.

You spent time keeping them safe in Afghanistan and they felt the safety enough to follow you home.  Don’t focus on your angst, but rather their hopes because you were an important part of giving them that first.  Your work here is now just as important as your work overseas.  You remain a beacon of light with your service.  Now it gets to be on your homeland.  You matter still, and you matter greatly. Shine your light proudly for us all.

Prayers for the Community Members

This is your chance to show the compassion in your soul for others.  Will you look at them with judgement or welcome them in knowing they have a hard road ahead.  Your choices of words and actions will make an impact not only on them but on their children as well as your own.  This is where character of kindness can make a huge difference.  Make your actions an intentional reflection of who you are.  Reach into your heart and soul and become that bridge for them from the old life to the new beginning. Give them an understanding of why you have pride in your country and help them to develop it as well.  Teach them your valued traditions and learn about theirs. It will matter for generations to come.

Prayers for the Taliban Leaders

The tenacity you held on to has given you your shot.  You are now indeed in charge.   You have been seen as evil and the media has no hesitation to report on it.  Your cruelty has been seen and acknowledged.  What do you do with it now?  True leadership is not shown in the fight but in the alliance of the heart.  Will you now step up and become true leaders?  Laws do not create connection and you now need the connection of your people.  They matter to you or you would not have fought for so long and so hard.  Now you need to earn their respect to win their loyalty.  Their care is now your responsibility.  They have seen your ruthlessness but that will only produce contempt for you in their hearts. You can indeed command, but you cannot inspire with fear.  This is your opportunity to show them what you believe is important about them and for them to you.  Why do you want to be their rulers?  What is it that you think you can do better for them?

You must know from observation that you now rule over some amazing people, both men, and women.  Will you use that knowledge to encourage their growth of strength?  Are you capable of leading with integrity, or will your commands create contempt in the souls you rule over?  Using fear to hold people down does not work forever, and the world is watching your moves.  How you treat your women matters greatly to your success.  They are the mothers, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers of those you want loyalty from.  They have and will always be an influence on each generation if you are looking at the bigger picture.  To deny their worth can be your downfall in the long run.   Show them you understand their value because it matters.  If you wish to promote your religious beliefs in their hearts, it will not grow through command.  You must show them why you believe it is the path to follow.  Fear and trauma do not create the love and respect for a religion.  Do you want them to believe as you do, or hold it in contempt?

The world is depending on you to do the right thing and so are your people.  Will history look back on you as great leaders or the evil that needed to be taken down?  Only you are responsible for the outcome now.  Each one of you will need to decide what following your ego or choosing integrity will cost you.  Will you follow your soul or use it to pay for your power?  Each time you execute those doing what is right, you create a martyr of them.  Choose your actions carefully for the Karma of your choices will return in due time, in a judgement of not merely man, but God himself.

You may be a powerful collective but each one of you is responsible for your own actions.  Those still being prosecuted for previous war crimes is history proving that.  Where will your place be?  Only you can decide, no matter what the commands are.  What do you do when you are certainly doing the right thing will cost you?  Your actions matter.  You matter.

Prayers for those Left Behind

NEVER give up hope.  You can lose your liberty, but freedom is a state of mind that no one can take away from you.  Your environment does not define you.   You have a purpose and greatness comes to those who feel it inside, regardless of the circumstances.  It will always be there waiting, even when you are unsure of what the next right move is.  The Universe has a way of leading when you ask and wait.  Do not view those in command with full hate or you will cloud your chance to see when there is an opportunity to meet them in the middle.  Your actions have an impact in the long run, just as theirs do as well.  You are part of history in the making and your story will matter, write it well.

Prayers for all

The true possibilities of all this in hope for a brighter future are still there.  We cannot allow hate to dictate where we go from here.  No matter what the circumstance, we must go forward with intention for good or we only add to the pain.  Make no mistake, we must all do our part.  We each have a role to play in being the bridge around the world.  It is not built through hate and fear, it is built with love and compassion.  When each of us amplifies it, it becomes the act of kindness that creates a ripple that has no logical end. We are all in this together.


Melody Belliveau
Melody Belliveau
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