The Black Sheep: Healer of Family Karma

Have you ever wondered out of all the families you could have been born into, why you ended up with the people you call family? If you have contemplated this question or feel like you have been raised by wolves; then more than likely you are the black sheep, an intuitive and empathic soul, surrounded by people who are oblivious and unfazed by life and family occurrences.

The synergy surrounding the word black sheep has historical negative and demeaning connotations, rendering the titleholder, left with a badge of shame, inequity, and often feeling unwelcomed within their own family.

Why is it, that you seem to be the only one often sensitive to family drama, can see things that are about to play out, and feel a deep sense of responsibility to do something about it all?

Black sheep choose their battles wisely, most tend to acquiesce, feeling outnumbered and will try to appear unbothered to keep the peace. Yet deep down inside they struggle with situations that their siblings or parents would never tackle because there is a big price to pay, in going against family code, in saying, acknowledging and calling out what others are not and have not been willing to address.

What if I told you, there is something deeper and unfittingly powerful inside the one who never fits in because they have unknowingly been chosen to break the mold of familiar behaviors and patterns that have been excepted for generations known as family karma.  The black sheep ubiquitously holds the power, to not only heal their own emotional pain but the bloodline within the entire family.

Black sheep are intuitive and empathetic, having gifts of feeling so deeply about their own pain and that of others.  It is the stirring of both their heart and soul, that keeps them tied to the invisible thread that sets them apart from the pack. However, your sensitivity and pain are not in vain, it is because there is a soul contract that has been assigned to you that is tied to unresolved familial pain left by your ancestors.

Not fitting in, is a spiritual call from the ancestors directly to your soul, to act by doing something differently concerning family issues they were unable to resolve in their lifetime.

Karma is passed down to us generation to generation; it is found in the rampant illnesses such as cancer, drug and alcohol addictions, the failed marriages that end up in divorce, the incarcerations, the abuse, the mother/father wounds, and abandonments.

The black sheep holds the power and capabilities to change their family’s karma, the fact is their entire life has been divinely preparing them to do so.

All the pain and trauma have shaped you into being the one who has always had the courage and resilience to go where others have not dared, to know better and to become empowered by those very experiences, by not allowing them to hold you emotionally hostage but to spur you to seek emotional freedom.

It begins first with deciding to use your powers of being a black sheep along with all the nuances that make you stand out, to honor your soul contract, and become the first one in your family to heal. Healing yourself is what will activate the spiritual process needed to invite in your ancestors and seek their guidance with not only your healing journey but on behalf of your family’s intergenerational karma.

To discover more enlightenment for your healing journey, look out for my next blog entitled soul wounds & sacred revelations, where we will identify the relationship family karma plays with soul wounds and how we can partner with our self and our pain to go back in time to reveal sacred answers to our why questions.

All this time, you thought you were different, you were right!

Seek the promise inside you,



Deneen Joyner
Deneen Joyner
Deneen Joyner is a Soul Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Storyteller, whose soul mission is to guide others, on how to follow the footprints left by their ancestors, to uncover the spiritual inheritance tied to their pain, gifts and destiny, so they may heal and fulfill their holy assignment. As a seventh-generation shaman and heiress to her ancestor’s ancient indigenous practices in self-guided soul healing, Deneen offers a unique approach to how people can partner with themselves and their pain to clear their souls. Deneen offers insightful guidance surrounding the intergenerational DNA behind family karma and emotional pain, which she gained as an 18-year professional in social work. She offers soul readings through private coaching, as well as with live audiences and radio interviews. Deneen is an award-winning national author of Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations: A Warrior Daughter's Awakening to Pain and Destiny. In it, she examines the DNA surrounding emotional pain and provides a blueprint for uncovering the lessons that are sent into our lives for the purpose of healing, evolution, and mastering pain. She delves into the role our ancestors and family play in allowing us to know ourselves, including how our divine assignments are intrinsically tied to yet-unfulfilled soul contracts that can span several lifetimes.

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