The Big Three: Who You Need To Know In Business

It’s been said that anyone can start a business, but very few can run a business. This is true, starting a new business venture takes nothing but guts. Regardless of the idea, you can set up a company in a matter of minutes and with the internet and social media you can build a website and market to your target audience without investing very much in time or money.

Running a business is very different. For longevity, you need experience and dedication. You need to be passionate about your service or product because there are going to be a lot of sacrifices to grow your business and make profits. Alongside this, you need a strong network of contacts that will be there to help guide you. While there are many people you should know, these are the big three that will make a significant impact on the future of your business.

Money is essential in business. From the very start all the way through to your final working day, you will need to have an understanding of financial forecasts, tax responsibilities and profit and loss. Finding a financial advisor that specializes in business will be one of the most essential elements of your company. You need to create a relationship of trust as this person will help to steer you in the right direction, that may mean they need to give you some tough love. You also want to find someone willing to think outside the box, push the boundaries but not cross over any lines. When you find a financial advisor that you trust, make sure they know how much you value them!

We live in a digital age, and websites can be built in a few hours via sites such as Wix or WordPress. It’s not just about having a website though, it’s understanding how to make it work for you and your company. Finding a good SEO Expert will analyze and review your website and make changes to ensure you are optimized for search engines. This is important as it will bring traffic to your website by boosting your position when people search for your service or product. Your website and your social media are all free advertising platforms, so having someone that can show you exactly how to get the most out of them, is a vital part of growing your business.

Attending networking events is a great place to meet people. The last of the big three contacts you need to have is another entrepreneur. Someone who has a few years of experience behind them. They will understand everything you are going through. Experienced entrepreneurs are innovative thinkers and will be able to find a solution to most problems. They are inspirational to be around so will help you to bounce back when things get tough.

If you can start your business with these three contacts involved, then you are set to have a brighter future!

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