The Best Hard Wearing Flooring Solutions For Your Business

As a business owner, it’s essential to get the most value out of your purchases, and that includes the interior you choose to use on your premises.

In terms of priorities for flooring, in particular, durability is always at the top. Especially when new flooring is needed in business zones, which endure constant foot traffic.

Examples of a few companies that need hardwearing flooring include;

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Car garages and showrooms
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retail and Restaurants
  • Shopping plazas
  • Schools

Cheap, flimsy flooring can cause a myriad of issues for your company. They are more likely to degrade quickly, meaning a disruption to usual business processes, as additional time and effort is needed by you, trying to source appropriate flooring for your business.

Furthermore, flooring, which isn’t fitted correctly, or begins to peel and chip could cause a slip or fall by a staff member or customer. Which could result in a potential lawsuit for negligence and a damaged reputation for your company.

To ensure your business environment can sustain the daily stressors imposed by people walking, running, and driving machinery across your premises. Please find below three hardwearing flooring solutions that suit a variety of business needs.

Epoxy Flooring

Highly resistant to daily wear and tear, epoxy flooring can handle heavy foot traffic and chemical spills.

Epoxy flooring is created with two layers. The first being a concrete surface, which is treated and then an epoxy layer, consisting of resin, on top.

Whether a luxury appeal is needed for a bar area or a clinical feel required in a healthcare facility, both cost-effectiveness and versatile in design, epoxy flooring can be composed to suit all businesses’ interior requirements.

Equally, with it’s smooth, moisture-resistant surface, sanitizing epoxy is easy to do. Additionally, epoxy stays clean for a long time and generally only requires daily sweeping to keep in good condition.

To achieve a pristine epoxy flooring that will last, its vital the preparation stage is performed correctly. Poor installation could result in cracks, which are difficult to clean and cause accidents.

For this reason, if epoxy flooring appeals to you, ensure you find an epoxy flooring provider with evidence of previous work. Plus, pay attention to testimonials highlighting their floorings’ ability to withstand the test of time.

Carpet Tiles

For areas of your establishment that need a soft surface touch, such as a waiting area or hallway in a prestigious office, consider carpet tiles. They are hardwearing and provide a warm and inviting aesthetic to business premises.

In fact, due to their popularity, carpet tiles have caused manufacturers to implement advanced technology to give carpet tiles industrial strength.

It’s hardwearing nature; alongside its ability to absorb spills, means it’s preferable in settings where liquid health hazards could occur.

Businesses also appreciate carpet tiles because of how easily they can be replaced. Moreover, changing carpeting in sections is far more budget-friendly than changing an entire roll of carpet each time areas of the floor are stained or damaged.

For maintenance, carpet tiles require regular vacuuming and cleaning to maintain their appearance. This is often why hardwearing flooring, like epoxy, are business owners’ first option.

Quarry Tiles

For businesses with kitchen facilities, quarry tiles tend to be the preferred flooring option. This is mainly due to quarry tiles’ ability to withstand grease buildup, foot traffic from chefs and waiting staff, and spills from food.

Quarry tiles are created from hard-fired clay. And, it’s much more affordable than other forms of industrial kitchen flooring, such as porcelain. Its cost-effective nature, alongside its practical benefits and durability, makes it an excellent flooring choice for kitchen areas in restaurants and cafes.

For a floor that shall last a lifetime, quarry tile flooring is a great option. However, as with most hardwearing flooring options, the preparation and installation stages are the key elements that shall establish its longevity.

If you choose quarry tiles to ensure they sustain the daily stressors and pressure from high foot traffic, ask flooring providers whether they use epoxy grout. Epoxy grout provides a sustainable, hardwearing base that shall ensure your quarry tiles last to create a hardwearing base that shall last.

Perhaps the downfalls of quarry tiles are that they don’t offer much in terms of their design, limited color options, and regular cleaning is mandatory alongside potential tile replacements.

If you require a hardwearing floor, the options above should give you a good indication of what’s available, and what will best suit your business premises. As a rule, the preparation of the ground before inserting flooring is a mandatory part of the process, determining whether a floor will last. Please, consider this when spending time considering potential flooring companies.

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