The Best Choices In Signs For Your Retail Storefront

For your retail business to have a chance of growth, in an ever-changing modern business environment, it must be able to capture the attention of potential customers and draw them into the store where you and your staff can work your magic and make sales.

The right business sign will be visible to anyone passing by; attracting would be customers with its appealing nature. It is also important to note that your storefront sign should capture all the elements of your brand, and communicate them, in an easy to understand and efficient manner, to these potential customers, in order for them to decide whether they actually want to come in and see or buy what you are selling.

If you have been toying around with the idea of having a storefront sign installed at your retail store, use the information below as a guide to the right type of sign.

Types Of Storefront Signs

There are many types of storefront signs; each designed to best suit the needs of specific businesses. Read on below to learn more.


These signs provide shelter for your customers during severe weather, on top of promoting your business and brand. They also provide business owners with the opportunity to have the business name printed on the front and sides, increasing visibility as a result. Awnings are also considered to be among the most durable storefront signs because they are built using top quality materials that can stand up to exposure to the elements for an extended period.

Channel Letters Signs

Channel letters signs are fast becoming a popular option for retail businesses looking to stand out from the competition. These three-dimensional signs have an aura of sophistication and are considered to be a contemporary choice. To ensure that your channel letters storefront sign remains visible even in the dark, you can choose to have a front or backlit design. To make your sign stand out, consider adding your logo to the design as well.

Fabric Signs

Fabric signs or banners are a popular choice among business looking for a simple and affordable storefront sign. These can be ordered online, due to the fact that they are simple to design and ship. It is, however, worth mentioning that fabric signs require regular maintenance and/or replacement. This means that even though they are considered to be an affordable option, they might actually turn out to be costlier in the long run.

You can specify that the sign maker uses heavy-duty fabrics to make your sign if you want it to last longer.

Plywood Signs

Retailers who are looking to give their store a rustic, old fashioned or custom look and feel can consider using painted plywood storefront signs. These signs are among the most affordable options available to businesses. However, just like in the case of fabric signs, plywood signs are highly susceptible to damage especially when exposed to the elements throughout; choosing a premium type of wood may be the only way to add an aspect of durability to these signs. They may need to be replaced sooner than most of the other signs described here.

Punched Metal Signs

Businesses that are looking to create a retro or refined feel and look can consider going with a punched metal or laser cut storefront sign. These signs are not only highly appealing but also last longer than most. The durable nature of these signs is perhaps attributed to the fact that they are made of a weather resistant material.

For an additional fee, business sign companies can add a distinct color and texture to the metal sign for an even more appealing finish.

Painted Glass Signs

Using your retail store’s glass windows as a canvas, painted glass signs are among the most affordable options available. To create the sign, a sign maker will paint the business name, initials or even logo on the glass. For a standout design, business owners may have to fork out more for premium, weather resistant paint.

One of the main disadvantages of painted glass signs is the fact that they are hard to see from far away as the sun’s glare on the glass tends to block them out.

Glass Tube Signs

Businesses that usually operate during night hours are best suited to using glass tube or neon or LED signs. These signs come with an unmatched level of visibility. However, since these signs are made of glass, they tend to be easily damaged from impact by other objects or exposure to rain. Since these signs are powered by electricity, they are considered to be costly to maintain.

LED signs may be the more practical option, of the two, given the fact that they are designed to consume less electricity.

Metal Sign Boards

Whether you choose brass or steel for your metal sign, you can still be sure of enjoying the same professional and eye-catching appeal associated with metal signs, throughout the years. These signs tend to be highly durable but may require some touch-ups here and there every few years to keep them in the best possible condition.

Business owners can choose between having individual letters made of metal, for a custom look; or have the business name painted over the metal sign, to save on costs.

Rock/Stone Signs 

Retailers looking for a solid, permanent and sleek look can consider going with rock storefront signs. These signs are highly durable as a result of the weather resistant nature of this material. It’s important to note that you can lower the cost of putting up a rock sign by opting for other materials, such as composite alternatives, instead of real stones.

One of the main disadvantages of rock signs comes in the fact that they are permanent in nature and are therefore hard to relocate in the future. Furthermore, these signs take up a lot of space.

The right storefront business sign can capture the attention of potential customers passing by your business and lead them into the store where your customer service can do the rest to realize sales. With the above information in mind, you will definitely have an easier job when it comes to choosing the right storefront sign for your retail business.

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