The Benefits Of Using An Employee Handbook Builder

Imagine working at a place where you have no idea what the company culture and values are and every little update you receive is through another employee and you are constantly doubting the validity of that information. Phew! Who would want that!

Communicating your company’s mission, values, policies, work ethics, code of conduct, promotion policies, leave policies, and schedules to your employees is necessary. But how are you even supposed to do that? A simple answer to that? Employee handbooks!

Having your company’s handbooks can be a regarding investment if done right. Done wrong and it immediately turns into a painful, overwhelming, and costly process. Luckily, handbook builders solve that problem. Popular handbook builders like AirMason make it easier to customize and update employee handbooks.

Here’s how employee handbook builder is helpful for your business:

1. Time-Saving

Manually designing a handbook takes a lot of time and dedication and no company’s HR has that much time on their hands. And on top of that, keeping it up-to-date can be even more frustrating because workplace policies are always changing depending on the company or employees needs on a case to case basis.

Using an employee handbook builder provides customized or pre-designed templates which makes it a lot easier to create an employee handbook without going through too much hassle. Also, keeping a track of how many employees are actually reading those policies becomes a breeze.

2. Automatic Compliance Updates

Employee laws can change on a federal, local, or industry level anytime any day depending on the location of the company. A lot of handbook builders provide the feature of automatic updates in accordance with the changes in the workplace laws. You can also customize the policies just in case a company comes up with flexible workplace policies and introduces new policies from time to time.

It’s wiser to use a handbook builder for automatically updating the handbook that is most of the time administered by Employment Attorneys and save your HR a lot of trouble of not keeping up with the changing state laws!

3. Ensure Compliance to Employment Laws

Ensuring compliance with employment laws boosts workplace productivity astronomically! With emails and messages, employers do not actually know if the employees went through the handbooks and company policies or not. So, it makes it difficult to ensure that employees are familiarized with laws, policies and company culture.

But a digital employee handbook has various useful features like e-signature that solve this problem. Handbook builders enable you to record e-signatures to know which employees have read the complete handbook. This way they can be held accountable if they go against the company policies and if someone isn’t complying with the handbook policies, the HR can keep sending it to them until they give in and sign it!

4. Recordkeeping

If someone adds an invalid policy by mistake or there is an attempt to defame the company, there isn’t much evidence with manually created handbooks! Employee handbook builders keep a complete record of when the latest updates were made and who made them because updating the handbook through a handbook builder requires an e-signature and employee ID. This is also helpful for generally keeping an eye on the update activity.

5. Multistate Policy Options

If a company has more than one office in different states, handbook builders come with the option of creating and updating the workplace policies differently for each office depending on the workplace laws in the respective state. Using a single handbook builder for each of the offices of the company no matter what state it is, requires minimum effort and can save a lot of time and expenses of creating separate handbooks for each workplace!

These are some of the many benefits of using Employee Handbook Builders and the best way to save your company effort, time, and cost!

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