Centro Storico di Oria, Puglia, Italia
“Sometimes I ask myself if it’s worth fighting for love. Then I remember your face and I am ready for war”
Centro Storico di Mesagne, Puglia
The beauty of love is that it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A love between a couple is the obvious one but also there’s a love between parent and child, a love between grandparent and grandchild, a love between friends and relatives. What sometimes doesn’t come to mind so quickly is the beauty of love of oneself. Not in the egocentric sense but more the love you feel for your life, your passions, your hopes, and dreams.
Centro Storico di Mesagne, Puglia
The love you feel that is around you amongst family and friends, co-workers, siblings and relatives plays an important part in your happiness but your happiness should not be dependent on that feeling alone. First, you must love yourself to love others.
Centro Storico di Grottaglie, Puglia
Loving yourself means to me that I trust myself first, I value myself and I know who I am and what I want to be. It’s difficult and not always a priority, easy to become overwhelmed and lost. Being true to yourself can be scary but eliminating those fears to be centered again is attainable and worth the work. Finding love around you in everyday life is as simple as opening your front door and looking to the sky, reaching down to hold your child’s hand, smiling at strangers or simply turning the volume up and dance like no is watching. Look for love in all the right places.
Centro Storico di Mesagne, Puglia
I become fixated on finding love around me in its various forms. It’s a drive that brings me joy and helps to see the beauty that we have sometimes right in front of our very faces.
Alberi di Olive Secolari di Puglia, Italia

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Jane Anderson

Love is never linear is it? And as your story brings to the surface, there are different kinds of love. Real love, though, by any classification brings joy with it.

Sometimes it’s hard to think this way, but if we don’t love ourselves we can’t love others either.