The Battle Of The Mind

In The Gita (The Great Indic Scripture) there is a  famous line, which the Supreme Lord who is the guide and charioteer tells the Warrior Prince Arjuna in the battlefield where he is fighting a war.

“ Fight You Must O Arjuna”

This line when taken literally advocates war over peace and hate over love, and the Warrior Prince who is an ace archer is confused as to how his guide, friend, and mentor can preach war when he himself wants to get away from all the bloodshed.

Instead of getting carried away, remain steadfast and overcome the struggles of your mind by looking at events and situations objectively.

But on a closer understanding of this line, what the Supreme Guide is indicating is not the physical battle, but to fight the battle of the mind. Here is where the warrior Prince Arjuna was becoming despondent and succumbing to the vagaries of the mind. So too when it comes to life, Instead of getting carried away, remain steadfast and overcome the struggles of your mind by looking at events and situations objectively. Create a mental endurance, instead of coloring it with emotions that arise from your egocentric self.

You are what you think and everything gets created twice, first in your mind and then in reality. Feed your mind to renounce weakness by your strengths, to assert oneness and rise above differences, to create goodwill and to give up ill-will, to exude warmth and to give up on bitterness, to renounce the residues of hatred, resentment, greed, anger.

As is said in The Gita, the mind can be your best friend as well as your worst enemy, So make it your friend and transcend the limitations of the mind by expanding your consciousness. Make a conscious effort to find within yourself a certain equipoise and remain neither delighted nor dejected by the circumstances of pleasure and pain. When that happens, the agitations of the mind are calmed down, the baggage of the past do not weigh you down and the mind does not fluctuate.

You also operate from a level where you are passionate about what you do and put your heart and soul into your actions,  but at the same time dispassionate about the outcome of those actions and accepting life the way it is wholeheartedly. What did I or can I learn from these experiences is the question that you ask often?

So yes do fight the battles of the mind and be a real warrior to subjugate the mind, so as to find Eternal peace in Life. Meditation can be a great tool and enabler in this battle. The time that you spend listening to your inner voice and suspend the noisy thoughts, can aid one to introspect and dissect the Ego Self from the Pure Self.


Srihari Balasubramaniam
Srihari Balasubramaniam
SRIHARI resides in Mumbai, India and is an experienced leader with 17 + years leading teams, influencing outcomes and creating business impact in the areas of Service Delivery, Customer Engagement, Transitions, Quality and People Engagement having worked with some premier organisations in India. Srihari strongly believes that's it's your people who will create value and great customer outcome and make them keep coming back. He is focused on influencing this aspect and create the intersection point where employee experience and customer experience meet. He has been able to demonstrate the linkage coupled with process rigor and governance in the last few assignments resulting in enhancement of key business metrics. As a student of Psychology, using the concepts of Positive Psychology in understanding human psyche and behaviour at the workplace, he has been able to leverage this for tangible business outcomes in terms of elevating customer experience, revenue growth and enhancing employee experience. Srihari has also been as a student of Spirituality and Yoga, introducing and applying concepts around holistic wellbeing, team work, virtuous and strength based leadership at the work place with his teams focusing on bringing out the true potential of the team. He believes in a "Learn it all" approach and have been consciously Re-learning newer dimensions in technology around AI, Robotics, Analytics and Areas of immense interest to him which is in the field of Psychology and its applications, Spirituality, Yoga and Vedanta.

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