The Awakening of the Sacred Masculine

There appears to be much confusion about the emergence of a new sort of masculinity, the purifying of the masculine energy here on planet earth and so based on my own personal, grounded experience and the recurring themes that I witness in my Sacred Masculine healing sessions I will attempt to bring some clarity.

The awakening of the sacred masculine does not just mean that men are finally waking up and getting their shit together; although this does appear to be a part of the process!

My understanding and definition of the sacred masculine is a man who has reached a significant degree of union between the masculine/feminine or yin/yang principles within.  In the same way, the sacred feminine is a woman who has reached a significant degree of such inner union on her own ascension journey.  These principles are not gender-specific as both men and women are vessels of these complementary and contradictory energies.

It would appear that the purification and upgrading of my divine masculine was met by an upgrade in my divine feminine.

In my own experience, the divine masculine energy in me went through a catalytic, intense and powerful alchemical process through a romantic twin flame relationship.  It was the divine feminine energy in my romantic partner that inspired, assisted and encouraged me to stay the course of what was an incredibly painful journey at times.  Once the majority of the alchemy was actualised I went through a week-long state of altered consciousness in which I had a massive download of divine feminine energy.  In this time I was shown what my work on earth would now look like. This clarity and energy intensified my ability to hold sacred space more deeply, my ability to facilitate the healing journeys of others and my creativity moved more freely and expressively, manifest as sacred masculine prose and poems and my latest book.  It would appear that the purification and upgrading of my divine masculine was met by an upgrade in my divine feminine.  The two must always actualise in unison as balance is essential to the journey home from duality to Oneness and union.

What appears to be happening now is a deepening of my ability to live and embody the energy of gentle strength which is in effect a balance of the masculine and feminine qualities.  Life is constantly asking me to step up more, to speak my truth more, to be brave and get more and more comfortable in my sovereignty and eliminate all the places where I am still playing small.  At the same time I am invited to keep deepening my self-compassion and being kinder to myself; knowing when to rest and relax and when to push through resistance and use my resilience and determination.

Initially, when I began seeing clients in my Sacred Masculine Healing Sessions they were all women.  They all came to me predominantly to heal the distorted masculine energy within them that they had taken on from ‘negative’ experiences of our dysfunctional patriarchal society that manifested as abuse, neglect, violations, and cruelty at the hands of wounded men.  While holding space for these women they received a sacred masculine energy transmission which was essentially manifest as an experience of feeling safe and honoured by a man.  This was a key component in their ‘healing’ and the progress they made in their own journey to inner union.

Now there are also more men showing up as well to my sessions and they are primarily focused on making the journey back from their heads to their hearts.  From the masculine thoughts/head to the feminine emotions/heart centre.

A balance between head and heart needs to happen for union to happen.

This journey is also a common element for the women that I work with.  Our patriarchal society has meant we have all lost touch with our hearts to some extent.

It’s best not to get too hung up on whether we are in a male or female body.  We both have the same purification work to do to come home.  The divine twin flame masculine and feminine fire burns within us all.

I continue to walk the same road myself finding balance and purging old timelines, dissolving old beliefs, allowing what is not love to be felt and released to make more room for the Love that I and all of us truly are. There are still plenty of challenges! But there is increasingly less attachment to the challenges; more of a higher perspective, as one watches the game of life unfold.  It’s beautiful and painful and everything in between too!

So I hope this sheds a little light on the whole masculine/feminine dance.  This inner dance will determine the outer dance with your male or female lover.  Look within.  Do your work and love will find you when you find it in yourself. It was always there waiting for you.  Now is a good time for Love and union and for a new type of man to walk the earth.


Miguel Dean
Miguel Dean
Miguel Dean is the author of ‘Bring Him Home: A Twin Flame Love Story’ which is his true story of a twin flame love affair with an extraordinary woman. Miguel was born in Colchester, England and his life’s mission in service and love of the Divine Feminine was catalysed at seven months old when he lost his mother to cancer. As a result of other challenges in his early life, as a young man, Miguel spiraled down into a shadowy world of violence, petty crime, addiction, and homelessness. It was the love of his newborn son that inspired him to begin to face his demons and take responsibility. For the last twenty-two years as an author, speaker, and catalyst, he has been immersed in the ‘twin paths’ of healing and transformation which can be summarized as an inner journey to heal his own wounds, facilitated and complemented by his service to others and passion for spiritually rooted social change.

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  1. I appreciate your article, your work in our world, Miguel. I’m aligned with your passion to connect to the heart-for all human beings to connect to their hearts. Living in harmony-mind, heart, body, soul can accelerate our evolution, deep healing, and transformations.

  2. Miguel, thanks so much for stepping so bravely into the call of your soul. A huge part of my spiritual awakening was reclaiming my feminine (I put her away for about 20 years) and balancing the masculine/feminine relationship within. I also work with this balance and these concepts as part of my sacred work in the world. I am always moved by men doing this type of work because I find it is so much harder for men to openly embrace their feminine and walk with the two in conscious equal partnership, precisely because of the highly patriarchal culture we live in and how the overexpressed masculine archetype has become toxic masculinity. Bless you for your courage. P.S. I’m in the Sacred Stories Media community, too.

    • Hi Stephanie. Thank you for your kind, encouraging and supportive words.:-) I have noted your presence with sacred Stories and listened to a recent podcast. Thank you for your contribution. It’s quite a journey for men and women alike who are following the calling to come home to divine union within. But such nourishing and rich work. Always good to hear from other pioneers / travelers. Be well and stay blessed. x

  3. Dear Miguel, I really appreciated your article. I have so many things I could say about what you are doing to help others heal and integrate. I will respectfully just say thank you for your journey and I agree with all of your presented insights.