The Art Of Online Branding

–Screw the naysayers with Denise Alison

Denise Alison is an Entrepreneur, Live Video Creator, Social Media Strategist, Comedienne, and a Public Speaker. She is also the host The Art Of Online Branding, a weekly Facebook Live Show that has been running for more than two years. Denise eats, drinks, and sleeps social media. We had a wide ranging conversation that touched on ⤵︎

  • The impact of changes in the job market on her generation
  • Why Social Media is really about talking to people
  • Her thoughts on the benefits of her post secondary education
  • Why she loves working with established women entrepreneurs
  • Strategies that can be used to repurpose content (you won’t believe the mileage she gets out of one FB live video)
  • That risk of creating content to get noticed vs. creating content to connect
  • Why she is big on live video but is questioning where she will host her show in the future

Denise also shares her entrepreneurial journey, which included earning a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration, a 4 month internship in government which convinced her that was not the place for her, and a return to her hometown, a small fishing village in NS Canada. Flash forward 6 years and we find her running a thriving Social Media Strategy company. And in case you haven’t guessed, yes Denise is my daughter. Enjoy..

Tim Alison
Tim Alison
FOR five years in his twenties Tim Alison was living a lie. From the outside looking in, he had it all. A wonderful wife, 2 kids, and a six-figure income. There was just one problem- he was miserable. So he did the logical thing and moved to a tiny fishing village in Nova Scotia, where he started an educational software company. The naysayers came out of the woodwork telling him that he was a complete idiot and that failure was certain. They stopped saying that when his sales topped $10 million. For Tim it was never about the money. It was about living the life he wanted. Tim is the author of Screw the Naysayers...They Suck Anyways (an Amazon best seller) and host of the weekly Screw the Naysayer Podcast. The show is for anyone who is questioning their direction in life (or has a friend or loved one doing so). Each week Tim interviews experts in innovation, entrepreneurship, and education. Together they take on an education system that is failing our kids and provide practical advice for breaking free from a system that has set us up to settle. His life motto? Know the Life You Want and Have the Courage to Live It.




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