The Art of Execution

Mentoring younger professionals or new business owners is one of the things I really enjoy doing. It is a form of giving back but also a way of learning from a different generational perspective. Mentoring is truly a two-way street, but on this blog more than on that mentoring relationship, I want to focus on the art of Execution.

Planning and strategizing is something many entrepreneurs, startups, and leaders, in general, spend a lot of time doing. To have a solid business plan and strategy is certainly crucial. I have noticed, however, that executing the plan or more importantly the vision is usually not taken as seriously, and to me, that is the most critical- and hard- part of the plan to begin with.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had people on my team that highlight an issue, a problem, or something that can be done better, and I’ve given total freedom to change it. Most often than not, you know what happens? Nothing. Having an idea, highlighting the inefficiencies, and providing a different path, that’s the easy part, but executing, that’s the part I feel a whole bunch of people truly get stuck in it. Landing a 10,000 feet “bird view” idea is extremely hard, but I can assure you that you will shine in your job if you become that person that develops the ability and the art to Execute.

To better understand why do we fail to execute, let’s take an example we can all relate to, New Year’s Resolutions. Did you know that 80% of people fail to execute whatever they resolved to do by the time we’ve reached February of any given year?

The main causes linked to the lack of execution are:

  • Unrealistic expectation
  • Lack of true commitment
  • Lack of persistence.

These are just a few of the reasons, but if you ask me, they provide a perfect game plan. If you are someone that struggles to get to the finish line, focus on these three things and you will change your execution dynamics. Develop self-discipline as the secret weapon to honor the commitment you make to yourself and to the end goal. Make sure that the objective is achievable and realistic and have the courage to call out an unrealistic goal when one is set by your organization.

Trust me, you might have some resistance at first, but if your opinion has solid groundings, your honesty and objectiveness will eventually pay off. Break the tasks into small and achievable units, so that it is easier to stay committed, on track, and to show progress. You will be surprised by how far moving the “ball” with small little steps will take you. Be consistent and repeat this ‘recipe’ until you get it done.

Developing a reputation for being someone that “gets things done” is one of the biggest assets you can develop career-wise. What are you ready to execute this week?

To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.

~Steve Jobs


Leticia Latino
Leticia Latino
With over 20 years of experience in the Telecom Industry Leticia Latino went from working for Merrill Lynch and Telecom Giant Nortel Networks to accepting the challenge of extending the legacy of establishing her family business in the US back in 2002. Neptuno Group was originally founded by her father in 1972 in South America where they helped deploy some of the first Cellular Networks in the region and where they have built over 10,000 Towers. Leticia is a recipient of the Women in IoT award by Connected Magazine, Revolutionary CEOs by Aspioneer, and one of the 30 most influential Leaders in Tech by Insight Success. She currently serves as a full member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Development Advisory Committee (BDAC) and as the Chair of the Job Skills and Training Working Group. ​In addition, Leticia is a published author and a contributor in a broad variety of blogs, and her book “Women in Business Leading the Way” became an Amazon #1 Best Seller. She’s also a public speaker, mentor to young women, and a big advocate of nurturing “Human Connections” through her Back2Basics Podcast.

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