The 6 C’s Of Leadership

What Do Your Motives Say About Your Leadership?

Are you in search of leadership skills? Skills that will catapult your career to heights not yet imagined? What is the secret to great leadership?

Frankly, there is no “secret”, only a series of skills needed that will separate you from most would-be leaders who are nothing more than just “managers”.
Here Are The 6 C’s of Leadership

How many do you possess?

Study them, learn from them and put them into practice. Imagine you already have all 6, good luck!

✅ Character
Your morals and steadfastness to always “do what’s right” sets the tone. People know where you stand and what you stand for. Don’t come to this leader with some half-baked idea that is shady at best.
✅ Charisma
You have the ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you. No wonder you always seem to get your way. The room lights up when you enter. You may be the other “most interesting man in the world”.
✅ Commitment
You’re dedicated to the cause, responsible in your efforts and have no need to promise that you will finish the task. Everyone knows your mindset – its full speed ahead to get the project done on time, within budget and to hit the mark as intended.
✅ Communication
Great leaders freely share information. Their team knows what is expected of them and what to do. They are “kept in the loop” and can anticipate any potential challenges and surprises. You’ve done well with them.
✅ Competence
You’ve studied, practiced and performed ad nauseam, until the task becomes part of your “core”. No need to think of what to do next, you know, you just know. And each time you’ve tried it, you’ve had success. This is a big confidence builder for you and those around you.
✅ Courage
Business pain, financial risk and the uncertainty of the future are no obstacles to you. You are the first volunteer, the one who keeps going and you are still there when all others leave. You’ve got courage…and “guts”.

Your next step? Develop other leaders that will carry on your good work.

Steve DiGioia
WITH 20+ years in the hospitality industry and a lifetime of customer service experience, Steve DiGioia uses storytelling to share real-world tips and tactics to improve your customer service, increase employee morale and provide the experience your customers’ desire. As a customer service trainer, coach, author & speaker, Steve was recently voted one of the “World’s Top 30 Customer Service Professionals” by Global, a “Top 50 Customer Thought Leader” by ICMI and is a featured contributor to many hospitality and customer service websites. Steve continues his pursuit of excellence on his award-winning blog sharing his best tips on customer service, management, and leadership. Follow Steve on all of his social media channels below.


  1. I have 5 Cs to leadership.
    Caring – increases engagement in followers
    Credibility – trusted
    Capacity – has the bandwidth to lead
    Communication – clear and concise
    Capability- can actually do what they say they can do



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