The 4 Ways To Use Youtube For Lead Generation

There are two ways to think of Youtube that will change your approach to it completely from a business point of view. The first is that it is actually a search engine and is only second to Google for searches. This means that you can use Youtube for SEO for marketing with benefits that you don’t get from the Google algorithm.

The second is that it is basically a marketing tool that works to show homemade commercials for your business. If you aren’t using Youtube for your business or personal brand then you are missing out on a valuable tool. For lead generation, it is very powerful. In this article, we will go over several ways to use Youtube for generating leads that convert.

1 – Optimize the channel

Besides the content on your channel, the aesthetics need to look professional when a visitor lands on your channel page. This means that you need to make a good-looking banner which can be done by using one of many free youtube banner templates. Fill in the about section with relevant information that will help establish some authority.

Playlists are also very good to create so that your videos can be easily organized for viewers to find what they are most interested in.

2 – Make engaging content

To get people to want to continue the relationship with your brand they will have to feel like you know how to solve their problems. This means that your content has to be helpful and engaging. People should want to learn more based on how well you produce the content.

An informative video will help the viewer understand your product or service more and will be more likely to follow through by entering your sales funnel. This is actually the first step of the funnel since it involves the Awareness stage. You wouldn’t want to use sales language at this stage so the videos are going to help the viewer move along the funnel to the next stage which is Interest.

3 – Have the funnel ready

When a viewer is enjoying the content and is now interested to learn more, they are going to need to have someplace to go next. This means the funnel needs to be ready and fully deployable.

There should be a way for them to proceed to the next step and give you their email to get on the list. Then you can craft your email messaging to help move them along each phase of the funnel until they emerge as a lead on the other end.

4 – Use Youtube ads

If you aren’t ready to make videos and become a content creator, you can use Youtube ads to direct people to your funnel. Since Youtube is such a huge search engine, you will surely find people using the search terms relevant to your service or product.

Youtube ads can be highly targeted and will find the ideal person to turn into a lead with the right ad.

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