That Is Just The Way Things Go Sometimes

That is just how the way things go sometimes. Sometimes things just go that way. Things go that way somehow or another. Somehow things just have to go that way sometimes. Often times somehow things go the way they go but necessarily where they should go.

The way things go is sometimes destructive and hurtful to many. Too few people bother to stop and take notice of who is being hurt by whom. Those who hurt, lie, & deceive are put in a position where they can do just as they think they have a right to do or were chosen (elected) to do what they think is right to do for the benefit of a few that only they wish to give to or benefit by. The chess pieces on the board are the lives that are being hung out to dry and put on display for all to gaze at. For them that opened the doors of doubt that cast a shadow of an almost inhumanity high upon the wall.

You yes you who take the lives of all those who are waiting to be born. Those who have not yet been born that you have decided will never be born. Somehow you let things like that go that way as that is what you decide. Just who gave you the right to take these treasures away to be sold on the market with a profit to be made? Have you no sense of foreboding happenings that may happen to you either now or later on? You yes you who gave this life to be taken by those who will never sanctify life. You could have done something to stop the slaughter yet you did not.

What of the creatures that walk upon this land that you will allow to be used as a prize awarded via the way of a shotgun blast? We have watched them up close and from afar notice how we can learn from their ways. Why do we thirst to hurt these beings of beauty and grace? The forests in which they roam are there for them to have and to hold. For us to enjoy what has been created we must not lose sight of what is most precious. That which has been given to us by G-d is not meant to go whatever way a person in high command recklessly recommends and represents as good and right while being so wrong.

Of the blood you may be but not from the hand from which you take with your gleaming greedy eyes. For all is not yours to be taken nor can you walk amongst your own brethren for you are not who you pretend to be by day or by light or by a phony silhouette. Things often go that way but only to those whose act has been spurned by many. You and you are not a part of us all. Your interest lay only from what you really desire. What lies from this man will spring forth from behind his sinister smile? From a body of a daughter you put on display, we saw what she has is of no value as her heart is not pure.

By a wave of the pen, you foolishly think you can magically make things go away so your numbers will be lifted to them who you brought in to take away so they can receive. In what thought and by whose thought is your fool hard philosophy formed? The numbers that dance off your calculated calculator fail to realize what is being bandied about are the lives of all the people you pledged to protect. Look us in the eye once more so we can recant all the non-truths you told. It was we who cast away your rival as she had not the vision you said you had. Greatness will never be yours to achieve.

That’s just the way things go sometimes while you import scandal and watch as you implode as it draws closer ever closer to you. Name the names of those that you claim to wish to dethrone and dishonor you. Quivering are your lips while you stammer and stutter to cover your slander. Where is the proof of the innocence you are aware you have not nor are you the savior we took you to be? Make us great again we cried out to you! Your conquest of our lusting minds left us some time ago.

The food, the health, and the support you want to crumble and crush beneath your feet will topple down upon you when you try to cast others as the ones who wanted this wrong to be right. On a cold and windy winter night will your thoughts turn to those that you with your partners in tow tossed aside? What will they do if they cannot do? Where we will they go if there is no place to go? Who will heal their wounds to keep them well? In the corridors of the hospital that now places bed on top of bed how many deaths will make you realize your numbers committed countless to die?

From your palace window all seems to be well. The rockets that are aimed at us will also strike you! You are baffled and befuddled as to what to do. You tell secrets to your friends who are our overseas enemies waiting to exploit the weakness that now sits waiting beyond the secrets buried in ivory walls that you gave so unselfishly to them as they laughed to your face behind your back. You now know you need to go but question when and how.

Oh how you have made us to feel! Trust placed in people like you must never be forsaken nor taken for granted. Yet you did yes you did without a pause to think ‘what am I doing?’ There are no longer blinders on your eyes to hide you from the truth that is you could not do what you said you could do. This was way more than you thought it would be. Were you really going to do the good while undoing the bad from the man who came before you did? The jury of your peers that brought you here look down at you with disbelief at all the fakeness you created.

You bring your circus to every town you visit. Cheering throngs urge you on knowing not what you will do this land and to all who call it home. There is no “rescue” for those who you mislead and mistreated as you have. The brush off by the hand of your wife should have been the tell tale of what you are or what you became. You will never be able to wash away the dirt that is embedded in your finger nails.

Sometimes things just seem to go this way. Things go this way sometimes when men you like you come to power. Somehow with you this time things would be different. Yet you further divided our country while opening up new sores. Can a man like this be respected? Does a man like this yes a man like this deserve to be respected? Things only went this way by the seal of the sword you used to cut away all that you cannot use or find use for. Go away! Let us be led by man of faith, compassion and honesty.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. There is stuff that hits the fan. Some accept, others plan, and the most noisy blame. They must find out whos fault it is then throw them under the bus.

    We can always strive to a utopia where everyone is wise and understands that stuff just happens. But it doesnt take much to drag everyone down into a blame game.