Thank You For Your Mentorship

“A teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”

~Kahlil Gibran~

No card could ever hold all the thanks I want to give Massimo Scalzo for his influential mentorship. He has been a true blessing in my life. I know what he is going to say: “I’m just an ordinary man, a small grain of sand.” J Truth is, in his own unique way, he makes a difference in people’s lives. I will forever be grateful for his guidance, kindness, friendship and for all the laughs. I sincerely appreciate everything you have taught me. I’m so humbled and grateful for you.

Thank you for your humility, your diligence and your unwavering resolve in making this world a better one. I look forward to meeting you in person while on my travels throughout Europe and the countries on my bucket list.

“All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don’t discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.”

~Danny Thomas

I have decided to embark on my own personal exploration, to live my dream while I can, travel and discover new opportunities for learning and growth. Those who know me, know that my family and my roots mean the world to me. After a recent conversation with my father, he told me, “You have the desire. GO! Why not try?” I asked him if he had any regrets in his life and he said, “NO.” So, my plans are in the works to go live abroad.

There are many paid programs that offer mentorship and coaching, each one varies in relationship and effect, however, the benefits are plentiful.

Benefits of having a MENTOR/COACH:

  • Career Development
  • Innovation
  • Cultural awareness and Intercultural dialogue
  • Vision and Planning
  • Confidence and Choices

Back in 2014, one of my managers suggested a program called “The Forum,” offered by Landmark Education. He told me it’s a good place to go when you want to get clear about your personal vision and make it real in your life. Make sure that the next steps you take are the right ones. He told me it gets to the heart of being a human being and invents powerful possibilities that make them real in your life and the life of others. He told me that while challenging it requires questions that acknowledge our own truths. I will always be thankful for his presence in my life as he was a remarkable and memorable manager, co-worker and friend. So, David, thank you for your positive influence in my life.

One of the many attributes of Massimo in my view is he accomplished “all of the above,” and then some without me ever taking this program. He never made it easy by giving me the answers, but rather made me work for it, think, listen to my heart and use my brain.   His mentorship was what I needed to look at my life and decide what I want in my future and what kind of difference I want to make. He’s a man with a lot of heart!

“The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has it tides and in its depths, it has its pearls too.”

~Vincent Van Gogh~

There are several different models of mentoring out there.

Find the one that works for you!

I would like to also mention and thank a visionary leader Dennis Pitocco, who created the BIZCATALYST 360° Communities. There are numerous thought leaders within these Communities who indirectly, through their writing, or by way of their life and personal experience, elicit valuable feedback from other professionals. These professionals all have the potential to impact people’s lives in a positive way.

Writing is something I personally never envisioned myself doing and at times it has been challenging. But I won’t quit because as I was told and as I am learning, it can inspire someone to start – and that’s enough for me.

Through my association with these Communities, I had the pleasure of meeting both Bharat Mathur and Melinda Fouts in-person and gained a lot of valuable insight from both. In addition, I met many other wonderful thought leaders and made valuable connections. These people, too many to name, know who they are. Many thanks to Dennis for bringing us all together in a meaningful way.

I encourage everyone that is not part of these Communities to join BIZCATALYST 360° as the articles are very helpful to anyone interested in further developing their career, those wishing to form new partnerships or those interested in entrepreneurship.

Are you ready to take your career it to the next level? Never forget that:

“You don’t have to have a million followers to make an impact on one.”

~Faydra D. Fields~

We all carry the potential within us to inspire and help others. Sometimes you must take a risk, to EXPLORE, DREAM and DISCOVER.

Risk or Regret…..YOU CHOOSE!


Suzana Matkovic
Suzana Matkovic
SUZANA has a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks. With the guidance of a loving family, she aspired to the best job of Life: Motherhood. People that know her journey will understand how this beautiful and tragic chapter forged her resilience and tenacity to bring her passions to life by being part of the change. Upon graduation in 84, she moved into an extremely successful 30-year career. Nonetheless, she walked away from it in 2014, in order to pursue something more personally meaningful. A School of Life that enabled her to meet people of different nationalities, cultures, races, languages and outlooks, is what she sought. She is an avid advocate and volunteer motivated to help others reach their full potential by raising awareness of numerous social issues affecting many and establishing a legacy for change. Suzana’s training and experience have provided her with a unique foundation from which to produce communication that is Significant, Relevant and Actionable. Her knowledge in sales/business development and marketing started in the early 90’s where she received numerous awards for innovation, customer satisfaction and quality management. She has worked in all business categories: Local Government, Manufacturing and Distribution, Logistics and Lumber Export. Some of the more notable products and services were sold into the Environmental Energy Sector and building products that represented Structural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Architectural Engineering. In addition to Marketing initiatives for various NGOs and causes near and dear to her heart. All this was accomplished by a high school graduate with determination, vision and passion. She attributes her success to many wonderful mentors throughout her personal and professional life and the inner strength God blessed her with.

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  1. Suzana, what a marvelous article! Thank you very much for your words! I can’t take the credit for it … because there’s only one human being here with the power to make you new, and this human being is YOU. You are the real hero here. Thank you Suzana!

    • Thank you Massimo, the credit goes to you for being a leader devoted to helping others reach their full potential. I’m no hero, I’m simply me….thanks again for everything you do selflessly.

  2. An amazingly well-founded article here, Suzana! Thank You for sharing such valuable tenets of mentorship.

    I consider myself very fortunate to have come into your wonderful acquaintance while making best possible use of the meeting with Dr. Melinda on her visit to Vancouver, BC

    • Bharat, Thank you my friend for your kind words, valuable insights, influence and friendship. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to brainstorm with two esteemed thought leaders. Thank you for giving me that opportunity and extending the invitation! I hope everyone takes advantage of having you as “A Guide-by-their-side.” All the best always!