Terror/ISIS/Taliban – What to Do?

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]I[/su_dropcap]T DOES NOT SEEM possible that when we the people, regardless of country can’t seem to get united. We all stand in solidarity when we mention Terrorist. Well sheep will stand in unity as well as they go over the cliff. Are we the next generation of the shepherd that could not do it? When do we say enough is enough?

isis-terrror-terroristAre we prepared to fight, as the Godfather would say “Go to the mattress”? Somehow I get the feeling that the powers to be don’t really want to fight, why is that? Some diplomatic talk and a lot of candles, and flowers are laid on steps, and shrines. Is this enough? I don’t think so, let’s look at the outcome of all of this. We now just learned that the Taliban blew up a Christian festival, killing women and children. What purpose does that serve?

The leaders of the countries that are being targeted should be getting their armies ready and retaliate. Well they should, but no they don’t, instead they discuss, and find ways to study the psychological aspect of those responsible. (Radicalization) Wow that ought to get them running for their lives. Why do we elect leaders that don’t have the backbone to take care of their people?

It seems that the terror is restricted to the European sector, but that could change at any time. This is an election year people, vote for those candidates that will fight back and send a clear message to those that seek to destroy us. If there is collateral damage so be it, these radicals don’t care if they kill innocent people.

So people of the world, unite demand retribution for those that were killed needlessly, can you do that? If those countries that have archaic laws, that protect these terrorist, and allow them to continue their rampage, well I got some words for you. You deserve what you get…. Get off your duff and do what is right. You know who is doing these atrocities, well then fight back. Is it that difficult? I have always hoped that we as a people would learn from the past war mistakes. But we don’t, we keep right on going through the same muck, and learn absolutely nothing.

These bomb attacks will continue, until it kills a head of state, then the sparks will fly, you see that is what it takes Kill a President and you will get a war, however if you just kill innocent bystanders, life goes on. The terrorist is aware of this. Brussels, Pakistan, France what is your excuse? You have lost a whole lot of people, and for what? Did it resolve anything?

Are you better off? What are you going to do? I can answer that question – You will do absolutely nothing….


Alan Campbell
Alan Campbell
ALAN is a highly accomplished, results oriented Hotelier with many years of experience in developing and delivering strategies and implementing solid organizational cultures that addresses the needs of the customer, colleagues, owners, community and industry. He has been in Las Vegas for over 30 years and has worked for the major strip hotels. Alan has spent some time in California, Los Angeles where he worked for the Radisson and Sheraton hotels. He considers the hospitality industry the best job in the world – it is the only place that both king’s and Paupers will visit you. Alan is also a featured contributor for, the “Global Hotelier’s Community.”

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