Telltale Signs Your Employees Are Ready To Phone It In

Before Skype and Zoom, to phone it in was to slack-off and to take the company for a ride. Today, it means working from home, and the art of remote-based working is in the spotlight due to COVID-19.

For the sake of the company, you need to transform your processes and practices so that they are done online. Workers won’t be able to get to the office for a while, so handing them access is the only way to remain productive and profitable.

However, this assumes that your employees are ready, yet they may not be prepared. Here are the signs that prove they’ll be rocks for the next couple of weeks.

Project Punctuality

Working outside of the office is an excuse that some workers use to reduce their workload. To them, it’s not a big deal because there is less accountability. Significant tasks need finishing on time, but the smaller jobs go under the radar, and they know it. Unfortunately, they are right, and it’s hard to enhance their output levels once they start slacking.

Quality employees don’t care. To stay busy and sharp, they carry on hitting deadlines regularly regardless of size. Unlike 32% of the population that struggles with the balance, their management skills are on point!

Office Monotony

You’ll have noticed it long before the health crisis. Certain people hate being cooped up in an office. Like a magnificent bird, they want to stretch their wings and show off. There are lots of problems at the moment, but giving workers the chance to break the chain of office monotony isn’t one. Aside from being productive, they’ll be creative, innovate, and ideas locked and loaded for you.

You may create a monster because 90% of remote workers never look back. Still, if COVID-19 teaches both parties anything, it should be the importance of workplace flexibility.

They Have All The Equipment

When guides say that all you need to work remotely is a laptop and internet connection, they trivialize the art. In reality, you and your workers are going to need a host of tools to be successful. A prime example is a comprehensive security policy. Using non-business devices will give hackers a backdoor to the server if you aren’t on the same page. Also, there is a cheap Windows VPS to consider. As well as negating safety concerns, a virtual server boosts bandwidth and allows them to scale up to keep up with demand. There’s more to it than an iPhone and instant messaging apps.

They’re Adults

Not to be rude, but some workers aren’t adults. Sure, they look and act the part, yet it’s the small things that break the facade. For example, some employees will react poorly when they don’t get what they want. Others will take the opportunity to slow down when nobody is watching. The members of your team who won’t be any of the above are the ones that are already grown-up. They come into the office and start their workload without asking for advice because they don’t need a Mother.

So, do you think your staff are ready to phone in their daily duties?

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