Technology By The Bushel

by Alan Campbell, Featured Contributor

What is too much?

IT SEEMS that in recent articles the technology has risen its robotic head. One example of this was demonstrated at the recent CES show in Las Vegas. There was this robotic figure somewhat similar to ET with a basket. You could put all of your stuff in it, and this robotic shadow would follow you. Are we taking technology too far? I have to wonder at times, along with all of the new items coming on the market.

The one that is most interesting, and yet fearful of what it can do in time, I am referring to the robotic revolution of helpers that can assist the humans that it will serve. Are we to become so dependent on them that we could actually become mindless, and yes less intelligent, as the robots become more intelligent.Innovation Tech

Let’s take the hospitality industry for example, let us assume that a very sophisticated robot could be made to check in a guest and answer all questions. The cost would probably be high, but think of the benefits, no insurance to pay, no union dues, no sick days, the list is endless. You simply plug the power source in and they will perform all of the duties of a live clerk. Don’t kid yourself some of the robots at the show are human like, and even talk and can even dance to the latest tunes.

What is the drawback to all of this, well if the industry loses the human touch it will be downfall of it, and it will probably implode. Dramatic conclusion to the industry no! Well maybe not as drastic as all of that, but one must think how far we are willing to take the robotic technology and how we will use it. The human touch is the most valuable asset that the industry possesses, and if we are not careful we will turn it over to a metal RD2D. Is this what we really want?

How do we decide when technology is enough? If the competitor down the street is using the latest robotic tech, how do you compete without the robotic touch, people will always gravitate towards new gadgets. Does anyone remember the movie “West world” If you do you will get my point?

Just maybe the robotic world will stay in the industrial sector where it can best be served. I would not like to see a robot greeting me at the front door of the hotel, would you? Robots are fine, but the one item that would be almost impossible to duplicate is the warmth of the friendly human being. I will probably be proven wrong in time, as things go the age of the Android non-human is upon us. “Star Trek” ring a bell.

I am trying to imagine a robot doing the night audit, as I am rolling in laughter trying to visualize that. Imagine the robot setting up breakfast, making coffee, and most of all how would they handle complaints. Look out the laser eye just activated, and you decided that the complaint was your fault so you continue on your way. When customers have a complaint, out comes the robotic equalizer to assist you. LOL….

Well let’s not ignore it, it seems that they are here to stay, at least for the time being. Pet world be careful for the family dog, cat may be replaced by one of these mechanical wonders.


Alan Campbell
Alan Campbell
ALAN is a highly accomplished, results oriented Hotelier with many years of experience in developing and delivering strategies and implementing solid organizational cultures that addresses the needs of the customer, colleagues, owners, community and industry. He has been in Las Vegas for over 30 years and has worked for the major strip hotels. Alan has spent some time in California, Los Angeles where he worked for the Radisson and Sheraton hotels. He considers the hospitality industry the best job in the world – it is the only place that both king’s and Paupers will visit you. Alan is also a featured contributor for, the “Global Hotelier’s Community.”

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