Tears of Hope Anthem: “A 12-Year-Old Girl’s Message to Humanity”

The “Tears of Hope” Anthem stands as a profound testament to the resilience of the human spirit, deeply rooted in the life and advocacy of Aimmee Kodachian. At just 12 years old, she endured the heart-wrenching loss of her older brother, Robert, during a bombing in the 1975 Lebanese Civil War—a tragic event that occurred in the sanctuary of their home and left her family shattered and homeless. 

Aimmee is donating 100% of her net profits from her book “Tears of Hope: My Journey of Faith, Courage, and Survival” and its Anthem (above), “A 12-Year-Old Girl’s Message to Humanity,” to the innocent children and loving mothers affected by war. The ‘Tears of Hope Movement firmly believes that by elevating consciousness in the world, we can transform the horrors of war into the enduring embrace of love and peace.

The “Tears of Hope” Movement is more than just a name; it embodies Aimmee’s unwavering commitment to positive change. Her mission is to help God’s children recover from the agony of war, be the voice for those who have no voice, and offer hope and opportunities to those in desperate need. 

Aimmee Kodachian
Aimmee Kodachianhttps://empoweringhumanitytv.com/
Aimmee is the author of Tears of Hope, an incredible story of overcoming many tragedies during the 1975 Lebanese Civil War. She lost her favorite brother Robert in front of her eyes to a bomb at the age of 12, and that was the beginning of her harsh and long journey.  Due to her severe dyslexia and war, Aimmee was forced to leave school in the 4th grade and was persuaded to marry at 14. She became a mother at 15 and a single mom at 17 and lived every day fearing losing her daughter. Aimmee learned to see the light through the darkness.  In 1988, she came to the United States with $200 and a 10-year-old daughter to raise. She had no skills and didn't speak English. Everyone told her, "Go back; there is no hope for you here." She challenged herself and stayed to fulfill her inner destiny.  With determination, Aimmee became an Author, Speaker, TV Host, and Producer, and created an incredible online platform– EmpoweringHumanityTV, to help elevate Humanity's consciousness Worldwide. Today, Aimmee is living her true purpose, CARRYING the 12-year-old girl's message to Humanity, bringing awareness to what happens to the millions of innocent children and mothers who have been affected by the horrific tragedies of war and telling their story through her eyes. In October 2022, Aimmee received two awards. The Inspirational Influencer (Global Impact) Award from the “International Association of Women” and the (Global Woman Peace Ambassador) Award from the “Women’s Federation For World Peace International.” 100% of Aimmee's net profits from the  "Tears of Hope" book will be donated to children affected by war.

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