Tears of Crocodiles or Wails of Whales? A Dilemma we are Abruptly Forced to Confront

We humans often resort to metaphor to convey our deep concern on one hand for mankind, on the other hand, to amplify the veracity regarding any person, event or any natural phenomena, or any verve of human beings which could be beneficial or pernicious for mankind.

We cannot rule out the evident display of distinction between science and technology and sadly, we are nowadays utterly eclipsed by mere technology, which surely at the nascent stage ensure our livelihood but, not having the equal intention to usher our craving for knowledge and satiate our souls for truth, which science only can ensure.

Of late, our world is experiencing a pandemic along with other natural caprice and calamities, but the impact of this pandemic is of huge scale and to manage this crisis, various leaders, whether from the corporate world, as well statesmen, who are largely vocal out of their individual capacity to contain it, are now emerging as mere jocker, who have no such capacity to fathom the gravity of this situation and only aspiring to remain in the corridor of power by virtue of their blind followers, who certainly played a huge role to make them cult out of their insensitivities and instant gain. These buffoons will surely remain as a curse and a stigma for mankind perpetually for their nefarious role to make a human, larger than a human.

For instance, a C.E.O. of a multinational largely being eulogized, and hardly being criticized for his nefarious role in order to exploit physically his own employee out of his unrestrained orgy and not letting him go behind the bar! The sense of misogyny is largely engulfing us and we tend to worship such persona who might be enabling our basic need, but virtually mutilating and impeding our sensory grid!

I wonder, how some of them played a leading role to ensure people have faith in them as they can resort to numerous unscientific ploy, aspiring to get rid of such pernicious virus and as people, since a long time having faith in them or such fictitious doctrine being designed by few quacks, as the majority of people cannot afford the expensive medical facilities, precisely in the developing nations, few are surprisingly emerging as a messiah for numerous and hoodwinking majority with their deceptive design and can comfortably get away without being punished. Unfortunately, they are capable to ensure concluding the majority’s life out of their pernicious design.

After noticing the astronomical figures of mortality precisely in the developing nations, few statesmen and corporate honchos are shedding ‘crocodile tears’ for their untimely demise and summing up the consequence as their destiny, not acknowledging their survival is precisely for lack of science and more dependence on prejudices and unscientific practices.

Shedding tears is just a drama which the majority can easily envisage.

Numerous people are forced to follow traditional voodoos to get rid of such menace and few people still making wealth out of the majority’s misery! But, the most surprising episode is almost more than a year of such ignominious catastrophe, taking toll of numerous lives, our statesmen of the mainly developing nations are shedding tears and espousing a belief that it is the desire of heavenly affair, not at all heeding that it is the bane of science which alone taking of numerous lives and more they encourage for few entrepreneurs to grow, keeping majority’s life in tenterhook, more death toll will inevitably emerge. Shedding tears is just a drama which the majority can easily envisage. But, unfortunately, we, precisely Indians claim that our country having the greatest democracy in the world and we sadly experiencing how electoral autocracy is gradually decimating our very entity and surprisingly we are subscribing we are toeing to few autocrats shoes just to ensure our very existence out of those eccentrics mercy who are consistently keeping us vulnerable, even in the time of epidemic! I wonder, why common people are being trapped in their hoodwinking device?

I have come across an ancient adage that is very much familiar to the common mass, “Crocodile’s tears”! It merely suggests that few eccentrics are having so much alacrity to look after the interests that they hardly care of majority’s benevolence and even go up to any extent to cause mayhem, without having any repentance or sense of guilty and to evade their nefarious trait, they only resort to “Crocodile’s tears”, and surprisingly many are buying those few eccentrics atrocious and pernicious views!

Whales having thick skin and are capable to escape from various adversities confronted by them and subsequently forced to resort to water bodies. On contrary, Crocodiles are just opposite to Whales, who are forced to resort to water bodies for their existence, unlike that of the Whales. One is mammals, while the other are reptiles and surprisingly we do possess the trait of reptiles in terms of our allegiance with the notion when we feel convenient according to the purpose of few, who are predominant in our social structure. Out hypocrisy in our livelihood and design of our society is prevalent where we ourselves clouded with an enigma, where we few can guide many and exploit them by all means.

Whales, a mammal being forced to resort to water bodies for its survival out of the prevalent external conditions, and eventually it is still sustaining. Crocodiles, though a ferocious living being and usually resort to numerous alibies for catching their prey, too are surviving. But human greed is surely causing huge jeopardy to its very existence and no human is caring whether it at all possess any Lachrymose gland. On the contrary, Whales do possess Lachrymose glands and they do scare for their existence, provided human invasion on their existing surface may eventually facilitate obliterating them from nature’s floor out of human unrestrained endeavors and greed.

We evidently know that three fourth of Earth’s surface is comprised of water, while one-fourth is of landmass. But in land surface, the living beings are causing huge disharmony to the entire eco-system out of few eccentrics greed and thus never dither to resort to myriad alibi only to substantiate their hegemony on this planet causing huge detriment to many irrespective of the living beings in any surface whether land or water and causing imbalance to the entire eco-system.

It is the foremost duty for saving mankind is to identify those predators who are posing threat to mankind and favoring of imposing stern measures on them.

I wonder, when an innovator acclaimed by many and being termed as “Outstanding prodigy”, eventually in due course being exposed as a predator not only to the opposite sex but is manifested as Nyphomanic by all means and configured as a rare species for paving extinction for many! I am in utter confusion that what should be the punishment of his or her who are ushering mayhem to the existing ecosystem and sheer threat to mankind, not only on any national level but in the global order. In my consideration, what should be an alternate path apart from instantly killing those nefarious ingredients who are by all detrimental to mankind? Out of our reflex action do we have any alternative way apart from killing a mosquito that is continuously biting us?

When a statesman is shedding tears like a crocodile, expressing his or her agony for the innumerable death toll, owing to the emergent pandemic, will we buy his emotional expression and endure him, despite knowing that he or she is sheer incapable to become a statesman and trying to ensure a deluge with emotions, banking on people who they can envisage to bring convenience for those interests group and enable them to remain in the corridor of power. It is true that emotions alone can bring riot to the reason. It is evident they exist on corporate finance and they will unhesitatingly look after the interests of those groups, having sheer apathy for many who are dying untimely.

When a statesman is shedding tears like a crocodile or a corporate honcho, who is behaving similarly, will we endure him? What should be the punishment for such a person who is responsible for ushering in huge misery and only paving the way for a few entrepreneurs to amass huge wealth by exploiting the available situation of a pandemic? Obviously, we may not have any different notions in terms of displaying our verdict which is evidently detrimental to mankind.

In order to maintain a balance in the eco=system we are availing, we must not spare those mutants who are continuously changing and adapting, who are the only visible virus(?) and causing mayhem to mankind. Sometimes they are shedding tears, sometimes they are wailing, but we majority must not forget, for our existence, we need to get rid of such pests, lest we will be soon obliterated from nature’s floor. In order to initiate an endemic, we need to take due recourses to save humanity from such dreadful scenarios we are confronting with.

We must keep in mind that whether crocodiles or whales, we must protect them, lest our extinction is not much far and incapable to understand the gravity of the eco-system we unknowingly script the obituary of our perpetual extinction from the surface of this wonderful planet. Tears or wails will not alone work, as these signals only enable humans to envisage, but our language can only have the power to decimate the evil spirit that tends to eclipse humanity.


Debasish Majumder
Debasish Majumder
I Debasish Majumder, hailing from Kolkata, State: West Bengal, Country: India, born in a middle-class family in the year 1965 and brought up in an environment extremely favorable for me to garner knowledge from people from various walks of life. Their lives and livelihood are of immense gravity to me as I considered myself as a fortunate one to be facilitated to interact with those who possessed multi-faceted experience and thrived vigorously in their respective fields. Since my schooling as well the path of my studies till I completed my graduation in humanities and thereafter working in various organizations has enabled me to get hands-on experience about the twist and turns of life where I observed the plight of myriad who are economically vulnerable and how they combat the life and even capable to enjoy the every drop of it without complaining about their state. Since my childhood, my passion for the English language and English literature enabled me to explore the world in and around me out of fabulous authors and their valuable renditions which even unveiled front of me the true picture of nature and how it is now confronting peril out of greedy few sharks in the veil of few humans obliterating the very essence of humane! Their works encouraged me to pen down articles, short stories, and poems with my little ability and I have already had a number of paperback editions of my compilation of short stories and poems which are now available on Amazon and other global sites. My alacrity for learning regarding nature as well the society along with the people who are considered as the most precious imperative for us to be enriched. I am blessed by innumerable notable thinkers and philosophers whose works appealed to me enormously, and even helped me to shape up myself by virtue of their expressions. I am having little capacity to translate the reflections of the present society, precisely for the acumen of a myriad of learned persons who have helped me to widen my vista with their wisdom and wide array of knowledge. My sincere effort was navigated by those enlightened persons and I tried with my best of ability to reflect on the scenario I have observed in the journey of my life.

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