Team Mischief

A wingman is someone that will always stand by your side and who will have your back.

Last night my husband and I had a date night.  We went to see the remake of Midway.  We are WWII Pacific fleet movie buffs (yes there is such a thing). There was one scene where Dick Best, a fearless pilot turned Executive Officer (XO) on the ship was approached by one of the pilots who didn’t feel like he could fly in the upcoming battle.  He gave him the requisite pep talk and then in a surprising move, asked him to fly as his wingman.  The young man fully understood the importance of the role and stepped up.

I am so blessed to have a number of people in my life who play this role.

You know who you are.

Who is your wingman?

Having one or more key people in your life that you know will always be there is critical. These people may or may not be a part of your direct team.

It is good mischief to have a wingman [or woman].   I call them the board of directors of my life.

They are the first people that I call when something good happens or when there is a crisis.

Write down those names right now.  And write them a handwritten note telling them how much you appreciate having them in your life.

Chicke Fitzgerald
Chicke Fitzgeraldhttp://www.solutionz.com/
Chicke spent the first half of her career working for industry leading travel distribution technology and telecom companies. If you have ever made a travel booking online or checked in for a flight, chances are Chicke worked for one of the companies that pioneered that technology. The second half has been spent turning trip tech and travel storytelling on its head. She formed Solutionz in 1996. Solutionz is the smart trip technology leader behind the TripProximity smart trip widget. TripProximity is a B2B widget that integrates online trip planning next to "the reason" motivating the trip. We help businesses, venues and events better serve visitors who need a hotel nearby and we enhance enterprise systems that are used regularly by potential travelers. TripProximity's innovative distribution strategy and technology capabilities set it apart from the rest. Since 1996, we've brought innovative thought to the challenges facing the travel and technology industries. Chicke builds companies and has invested over $1.2m on her own, plus she has raised $6m in investment capital. Recognized as a game changer. Her investment actions reflect her commitment to innovation and her principles. She is also an investor in Solutionz Innovations, venue and event based trip planning, Rich Media Exchange, digital asset marketing and management. Chicke's faith and courage is core to her identity, as is giving back and mentoring others to discover their radical sense of purpose. Chicke is a newly minted author of the Game Changer, an allegorical business novel and hosts a podcast of the same name, focused on innovation and growth strategies. Whether in her own ventures or those of her clients, her business focus is growth - 360-degree growth in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Growth is achieved by ditching the status quo and by listening to the front lines. They know the customer.


  1. Chicke, I’ve been blessed to have a number of wingmen and women, and the’ve made a huge difference to me during the “aerial combat” of daily business life. I’ve also served that role for others and always considered it an honor.

    (How was the movie?)