Taking Stock: Part Three

If you didn’t have anything better to do in the last week or so (anything would have been better), you might have noticed the CDC amended the mask guidelines again:

U.S. health officials dialed back their threshold for Covid-19 masking recommendations, a signal that the federal government is shifting into a new phase of its pandemic response that prioritizes protecting hospitals and vulnerable people over broadly preventing infections. The [CDC} introduced a new three-tiered system … In areas where the risks from the virus are low, officials said that most people can go without masks in indoor public places such as restaurants or shopping malls. In medium-risk areas … people who are at potential increased risk … should talk with their doctor about masking … Less than a third of the population is in high-risk areas where masks should be required in indoor public spaces, compared with 82% under the earlier regime.

First, you have to appreciate the candor in the use of the term, regime, even if it was a Freudian slip. Second, God forbid the regime should have focused on protecting hospitals and vulnerable people, rather than attempting to broadly prevent infections in the first place. Third, good luck determining if you’re at medium or high risk. The regime can’t tell you that for fear of being politically incorrect, committing some microaggressions, or actually telling the truth that might help people and save lives. Please note that the full name of the CDC is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — not the Centers for Curing Shit and Saving Lives.

Smoke and Mirrors

Last week, I happened to see an opinion posted on Facebook suggesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a diversion created by the Biden administration to pull attention away from agenda items more near and dear to its heart like keeping a lid on Hunter’s laptop, throwing dynamite and matches on the already exploding federal debt, its hopes to persuade a majority of people of its allegations of voter suppression, its claims that soaking the rich will pay for its Build Back Better framework, and that human beings can halt the changes of a dynamic planet by allowing politicians to redistribute wealth — a plan that will always and only benefit politicians.

That opinion is diametrically backward: Throwing dynamite on the already exploding federal debt, trying to persuade a majority of people of its allegations of voter suppression, soaking the rich to pay for its Build Back Better framework, allowing politicians to redistribute wealth as an ostensible means of enabling human beings to halt the changes of a dynamic planet, and all of the Biden administration’s myriad obfuscating shenanigans are being undertaken to divert from the fact that Uncle Joe is not just getting his lunch eaten by Uncle Vlad — he gave him the damn thing. And Uncle Vlad has been licking his chops since January 20, 2021.

Stand By

If you think this is the end of Uncle Joe’s distracting choreography, don’t go away. You’re about to see footwork so fancy it’ll make Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson look like chronic arthritics.

As we continue to learn every day, votes have consequences.


Mark O'Brien
Mark O'Brien
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