Take Your True Passion & Let it Out: Define, Develop Your Personal Finding Story

Imagine, visualize you wake up and something is different, feels very unusual on one of these mornings. When you’re thinking too much and get done little.

But this particular morning tastes unusual. More like a re-birth of an inner event turning out of the purple-blue. A voice from inside the head is knocking on the door of your consciousness to trying open the gate to what you want to achieve, wish to make out of your life.

Some female or male blossoms are astoundingly early in their realizations, while others are late bloomers. Good things need their time to happen despite all prophecy of doom it’s never ever too late to start to blossom. To find and go for your purposeful fulfillment in the limited available time we got and should mindful use wisely.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve found your idea, your enlightenment of what and how to make your existence more meaningful and increased satisfying. Whether on the balcony or in the taxi, during a crowded rush-hour subway ride, or in the bathroom of your favorite coffee shop. Your golden nugget insight can happen at any unrestricted moment you let your mind flow regardless of any location. It’s the power of your imagination, deep wish, a manifestation with the universe, and effortful lived passion. The willingness, a loved consistency to work with little sleep but big visualization going to become visible in solid 3D results.

Bring back to mind, see in front of your eyes the things and activities you’ve loved and done in your childhood days. They’re trustworthy indicators where your interests, abilities, and natural-born skills are sourced, rooted. Parents aren’t always “seeing” or supporting what their child shows, which indicates interest in doing the most loved activity over n over in visual and audible happiness. I mean this without criticism or putting the burden on any loving parenting father or mother and know well it’s not that easy to raise a child.

Many times parents wish to see in their children what they want them to be and/or expect from themselves. Miss it to attentively observe and listen, allow the calling of their son or daughter to come to the surface. And to approve, encourage, promote, “to let them do”, learn, study and evolve to masterclass level what was already deeply rooted within. Or at least to support fulfilling activities that add educational and physical value, laughter, and happiness to their youngster’s lives.

As a little boy, I needed just a piece of wood, a hammer, and nails to make my daily paradise perfect. The triggering noise of the hammering coming from me was that of a convinced promising carpenter in his very early days. By precisely driving in countless nails into the shabby wooden stairs leading to the huge attic, a forbidden place with all its hidden treasures a child is tempted to discover in unsupervised moments.

My parents loved to tell friends about my persistent efforts to nail the staircase to heaven like a fakir’s bed. And about torturing moms and our luckily patient & child-loving neighbor’s ears, but mostly mentioned that I never landed the hammer on my thumb.

Twenty-two years later I’ve found as an autodidact my first company in furniture & interior design. Was planning, manufacturing, and delivering for 23 years beyond the borders of the country of design & production. The vision and final decision grew, arose, and emerged while working the last six months as a bank employee in charge of financing, sale of leasing contracts for cars and trucks.

I wanted to do something “meaningful and useful” in and with my life that serves others to more comfort and pleasure by using custom-made quality products. With my lifelong love for wood and the insight that furniture is everywhere needed, interior design seemed the right way to make my vision come true.

My boss at the bank was shocked while hearing my verbally delivered note of resignation one awakened Monday morning. Had certain plans for my career as his deputy but insightfully responded: “This can be a very successful career if you work hard, hold onto and dress up warmly.”

And then became my first ordering customer. A bookshelf in wood, ebony-stained with a marble plate on top would perfectly fit his office with the purpose to store a small library and personal files. Above the considered position was a quote in bold letters I’ve never forgotten: “Do it. Now.”

Why tell this story of a self-made man sounding more like a narrator than the main act? Due to a need to share, remind me and others to go for, to make a dream come true by actively non-stop doing the right thing in the right way and convinced direction.

To show interest in personal growth, the willingness to learn, to dress up warm, and go through whatever it takes. Not too much looking left and right, hungry waiting for approval, support, green light from others providing some needed tailwind and encouragement.

To start and disciplined hold onto despite the not to overhear voices around doubting your abilities and skills due to no specialized education and missing experience. How many times I’ve heard through the grapevine: “What? He learned and worked at two banks for a while, this is his profession. How wanna do furniture now without specific knowledge, gained experience, and lack of technical skills?

One can learn, pick up missed education, gaining experience through learning by doing, and evolving to the next level though. Mistakes happen and hurt but are valued teachers, encouragers if you want so to do it more focused and better. A human can have several careers in a lifetime, it depends on what one is interested in the most, wants to go for by exchanginging his/her full energy and undivided attention.

The Beatles used to play for 2000 hours at red light scene clubs in Hamburg, Germany before going back to GB to land international fame. The Fab Four from Liverpool gained experience and become successful by endlessly practicing abroad. Long before they became immortal superstars in their mother country and the first ones ever who did it this unique way.

Live your dream. Keep your inner fire burning. If it’s flickering or might be extinguished, lit a new one, no need to ask. Let me know at any time if you need encouragement and backing. You deserve a fulfilled and happy life, you are absolutely worth it. Make your inner visions come alive. Carpe Diem.

Share your personal finding story with others, there’s nothing more inspirational, engaging, and bonding. Your unique path might be the initial spark for someone else.


Otto F. Gatternigg
Otto F. Gatternigg
Hello, I’m Otto, the CEO, and Founder of Foundation For Humanity and a passionate writer who loves to share insights, experiences, and feelings with others. I’ve left Europe behind in 2009, relocated to SE Asia where I started a new life from scratch, have worked and lived in 4 countries within. At present, I reside and am active in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries with the most beautiful & humble people in the world. My home is close to Angkor Wat, the biggest temple monument in the world. I’m offering face-to-face mentoring and Master Mind Group Talks & activities as part of retreat holidays in a tropical garden resort with 10 bungalows where body, mind, and soul meet like-minded humans to exchange experience and wisdom of life. Where a holistic regeneration, recreation, and lust for life happens to the benefit of each guest. A selected vacation with the aim to return home powered by a fresh & optimistic outlook on life, increased felt inner happiness and strength not only to master daily challenges but to enjoy the richness life offers. I believe in humanity and personal growth by inspiring, being generous, and supportive towards others. By mentoring, by a mindful caring heart, and compassionate understanding one can rely on in the process when working with me. To reach inner confidence (again). To gain resilience to overcoming uneasy life & work circumstances many of us are heavily confronted in these times of global change and the new awakening of mankind.

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  1. Your passion laid the groundwork to get you to the point where your first customer, the boss you were leaving, then played an instrumental part in your confidence to succeed. It’s testament to persistence and a lifelong dream. Thank you for sharing your story Otto. Do share some photos of your work