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tango-danceOutliers in Berlin

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]T[/su_dropcap]HIS STORY IS about the Tango and Tech leader, a story that aims to exhibit intelligence and ambition. And a dramatic, expressive and technical dance, the tango! World traveler. Risks taker. Tango dancer. Fire and energy. Ofer V. Akerman

A recent study shows that Israeli parents are among World’s most protective. They guide their children to make better choices in life since very early age. Mathematics and natural sciences were the seeds planted carefully and persistently by Ofer’s parents into their son’s heart. Years went by. They are still living in the same small village near the sea of Galilee. How could they possibly know that the APPLE IIC computer they gifted him with, paying their yearly savings, would shape Ofer’s future in such a diverse way. Today, with over 20 years of hands-on experience in cyber crime investigations, business turnarounds, and development of advanced digital marketing strategies, Ofer, dedicates his success story to the people he met along the way of his international journey; to the chosen privilege of changing international environment, which six years ago brought him to Berlin. From Tel-Aviv to New-York, from Buenos Aires to Berlin, crossing the oceans many times during his business travels. Truly global extra-cultural openness is what he advocates among his business associates and followers because it is how one gains trust and grow professionally.

Industry 4.0 & Industrial Internet of Things. Made in Germany – is the fourth industrial revolution and the one that goes hand in hand with the powerful guardian – the cyber security. Mysterious mistress, the cyber security is in reality, more spoken about than understood. What are the cyber crime threats when speaking about Germany? German industries might appear very heavy ‘hardware’ systems and structures. They are for the bystander. In contrast – they are not. For the professional. The potential cyber threats to the critical infrastructure is where attention of the professionals must be laser focused.

Echoing with Chuck Brooks, the guru of cyber security, Ofer Akerman’s center of attention is Europe. The cyber ecosystem in Europe is influenced by the US, the Israeli as well as the Asian industry’s recent rapid growth and development. The governments’ as well as private investors’ attention to cyber security initiatives and requirements is the top priority and part of the future strategies of global players all over the world. The more business becomes depended on the internet as main channel of client acquisitions the more creative attacks on online reputation and ranking we should expect. Blackhat SEO can damage a company acquiring customers’ online more than most traditional threats.

Not to mention the military forces of main superpowers, all the global corporations’ IT systems and structures are the subject to potential threats. As the center of the European’s best initiatives and the leader of innovations, German corporation as well as the German “Mittelstand” companies (SMEs) have chosen very strict strategic course to modernize constantly in line with the requirements of the new 21st century realities. This movement in Germany, this research and development is widely and strongly supported by the government, by non-governmental organizations, academia, and naturally by the SME themselves as well as startups. The startups scene is especially close to Ofer’s thoughts and day-to-day activities. And it is one the answers to my ‘Why Berlin?’ question. Because Berlin is the startups ecosystem!

As the top priority focus and magnification, the digitization is a part of the strategy of the BVMW- The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. The “… backbone and impulse of the German economy” embracing around 3.3 million individual enterprises- members of the Association. So must the cyber security. There can be no digitization strategy without cyber security strategy, states Ofer.

Ofer Akerman’s audience is taken to his world of thoughts after a few minutes of his presentation. Rare silence and attention. They came to learn from the expert. From the Master. Focused, he takes his listeners towards current and future of agile world of innovations and risks in digital world. Cyber security expert today, Ofer took himself through the paths rare person would imagine or draw. Touched by white and black sides of convenient ‘make believes’, he tells his listeners that as professionals they must always aim following their own along with their professional code of conduct. They must aim to stop crime, hackers activities and of course they must always be aware of being under the risks themselves and their businesses.

tango-danceIn life and in business, the ‘Team work’ believer Ofer states that “together-we’re-strong” is the major key factor of success. He strongly advocates massive e-Learning with no age limits. When one does not feel like learning anything anymore, it is exactly the right time to start exploring the MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses, says Ofer Akerman, welcoming my readers to the Massive Open Online Courses in computer science to start with.

A dramatic, expressive and technical dance, the tango! To re-phrase his much loved Albert Einstein, Ofer Akerman says that if he was not a cyber security professional, he would probably be a professional tango dancer. He often thinks in music and motion. He lives his daydreams in music. After a year of tango leave in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he sees his life in terms of music and tango.

For the Tango leaders among us: Lead with confidence! Listen to the music and feel the melody of life!


Ludmila Morozova-Buss
Ludmila Morozova-Buss
LIKE MOST PEOPLE Ludmila's resume is something less than a straight line. In fact it resembles a long country road with many turns, which in this case, is a good thing, as it includes 20+ years of professional experience in a number of different cultures in Europe, Asia, and the Unites States of America. Equipped with an MS in Mathematics, her personal life philosophy and career shifted after two pivotal events, obtaining a Certification in "Banking and Financial Management” at the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, Washington, DC and; her first trip to the United States of America in 1996. Sitting in the front row of her life or taking a train in the opposite direction, Ludmila lets U-turns, contrasts and detours bring her thoughts into perspective. As a world traveler the East, West and South influenced and shaped her character and her beliefs along with her professional and human qualities. Tornados and stillness of events. Heat of Tashkent and cold of Moscow. Extremes of fears and tears and joys of finding the only right decisions of Mathematical Analysis problems and looking at the eyes of her beloved children… Ludmila is a Ukrainian native, living in Berlin, Germany. As the World’s news shaker for Europe for centuries, Germany now is the center of attention again. Which is why Ludmila steps into the stream of the news – believing that the facts speak the most precisely and the most convincingly. Her promise is for us all to get to know these facts from her first-hand perspective across Germany. With no political or religious affiliation in Germany, Ludmila’s interests intersect in business strategy, education, technology, entrepreneurship, markets and the rule of law. In this series of short essays, she welcomes everyone’s perception of success.

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  1. Excellent post, thanks Ludmila! Like your great example, Ofer Akerman (“if he was not a cyber security professional, he would probably be a professional tango dancer.”), I use more and more music and sound healing (by during my business day, it takes two to tango, successful business negotiating it’s a two way (communication) street … 😉