Take My Call

Hello, operator, I would like to place a call to Heaven

I want to ask Saint Peter a question, in fact, I am Begging

You see, he allowed my parents in, and I do not know what to do

I was so unprepared for this I still try to call home at a quarter past two

Who would have thought I would crave their guidance even as a grown man?

Even though they raised me up, I do not think I am ready to lead my own clan

I know in my heart I do not have a choice

please, Saint Peter, I want them to hear my voice

I want to tell them I love them

I want to say I need them

I want them to see their grandson, a real Phenom

I just want one more chance to say I love you to my mom

Saint Peter, I beg of you, you can have my all!

Just name your fee and accept my call!

My eyes burn from all these tears

Because my reality has become one of my greatest fears!

I will pray and do good deeds days 1-7

Just please take my call in heaven….

~Poetic Ice

I lost my father in 2017, and my mother just last September. I was so close to them and wrote a lot for them, and this broke my ability for a while. This was one of the first things I could get out and it was a plea for one last conversation. We’ve all been there, and it gets easier with time as they say. But I’d give my all just to have one more conversation.

LeTavious Hemingway
LeTavious Hemingwayhttps://poeticice.com/
LeTavious Roymar Hemingway was born and raised in Conway, South Carolina. He was raised by parents who lived through the civil rights era so he was taught to express himself and love everyone. He took these values to college and started to write poetry and short stories. In college he pursued his love of writing and his love of science, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. After meeting his future wife in college, she urged him to write and complete a novel. Two novels later he still writes poetry and stories as he works as a laboratory supervisor at a veterinary hospital in Augusta, Georgia. Now as a father of a healthy baby boy he looks to share his writing with the world to show him that anything is possible as long as you work hard and dedicate yourself to it.


  1. Letavious, what a beautiful collection of words straight from the heart to Heaven itself. I could respond to this in great detail, because of the emotions and imagery your poem produced. I lost my mom at the age of 13. My dad at 23. I am very devout in my faith believing that while you were writing, St. Peter was listening and acting, taking your request to the Eternal Father. I will remember you in my prayers and the souls of your parents as well.