Many, if not all of the best things we enjoy in modern life were born from a great idea. It’s incredibly amazing what we are capable of achieving when we are able to pool together our efforts and resources toward the attainment of a particular goal. After all, much like potential energy, a great idea is nothing more than a dream, a figment of your imagination, if you are unable to generate a moving force to get things going.

In the modern era, that moving force will often require you to be able to gain the support of others by being able to present your idea in a clear and appealing manner. One fact that’s overlooked all too often is that businesses are not only born from great minds, they are also born in conventions and presentation rooms. After all, how else are you going to gather support for your project?

And with an ever-increasingly saturated market, the competition for support can only get fiercer. It’s come to a point that it isn’t just about having a great idea, you need to be able to present your idea in a manner that is convincing and moving. A prime example of a scenario in which a great presentation is going to be useful is this Fedex small business grant contest. Now, how exactly do you convince investors to invest their money in your great idea? You deliver a business presentation for the ages, of course! Here’s how:

Your Presentation Must Be Clear and Organized

Investors are busy people and they value efficiency completely. If you have a flair for public speaking, use it, but make sure to keep the rhetoric to a minimum (but never underestimate the power of effective rhetoric). Get to the point of what you mean to say as soon as you can. Make use of visual aids to help get your points across. The modern audience will not be so easily swayed by your oratory finesse. Expect them to be more attentive to what you’re really saying.

Gather Intel On Your Audience

Knowing who’s attending your presentation can be very advantageous, especially when you’re able to determine what makes your target audience tick and what heartstrings to pull. By being able to familiarize yourself with your audience, you’re going to be able to determine their personality type and you’re going to be able to select a better approach that suits their temperament. If your audience is sterner, then don’t bother with segues. If they are more open and they like lively environments, throw in a joke or two to lighten the mood of your presentation.


While preparation does not necessarily guarantee success, it does guarantee confidence. And more often than not, that little bit of confidence you gain from rehearsing is going to make all the difference. Check your tools and ensure that they’re all in working order so that you’re able to avoid any awkward pauses during the delivery of your presentation. Technical difficulties can easily throw you off your rhythm and that, too, can cause you to lose the attention of your audience.

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